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More on Police Misconduct

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There have been problems with police probably as long as there have been police, and some of the problems are significant. I just saw an article about two undercover California Highway Patrol officers threatening a group of people, at a demonstration against police brutality, with their firearms after the undercover cops had been recognized and one unmasked. Prior to the police had been inciting the group to loot buildings. Read the articles linked below. The police behavior is indefensible; they should not have been encouraging people to break the law in any way, and doing that at a demonstration against police brutality made it look even worse.

Police work for the citizens, and they have legal and moral obligations to do their jobs in ways that do not harm citizens. They should be very happy that I donít live in California, because I would keep pushing until those two police and the complete chain of command above them was fired to start with, and the two cops and some of those above them should be prosecuted for inciting people to riot.

Whoever had the idea that it might be a good idea to send in plainclothes cops and try to turn a peaceful demonstration into a riot has a major cognitive problem. That is exactly the opposite of what police should do. The demonstrators were doing what good citizens should do; they were trying to get their employees to do their jobs well.

On the other hand, it would seem that the police feel nervous about their position in regard to the demonstrators, or they would not have been trying to get the demonstrators to riot. Rioting would have made the demonstrators look very bad. Now the police have even more trouble, because they were caught.

This is another case needs investigation and prosecution. If the witness statements that the two cops were trying to incite people to loot, then those two will have to be prosecuted.

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    Peter - I wish to thank you for your blog posts. . .you are doing a very good thing.

    Also I wanted to thank you for your last post on an old blog of mine. I recently saw it; I had taken a few months' hiatus from that blog.
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    You are more than welcome, whatever it was that I worte.