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Memories of the 28th Century

Hoaxes and Delusions

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Recently I thought about making comments about the people in this area who are infected with the Ebola virus. I was just thinking about getting a little more clear space around me. Good sense prevailed, and I didnít mention the people with Ebola, because that might be a criminal act. I just searched for the laws under which I might be charged, and I became uncertain as to whether there is such a law. Apparently ďfraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain,Ē according to That matter of personal gain changes the nature of hoaxes done for amusement.

I can understand hoaxes like the sawing of Manhattan Island being fraud, because that was done solely for the purpose of making money. It makes me wonder why the guy who is trying to sell the idea of Obama and others being reptilian aliens to the American people has been allowed to continue. It looked to me that it was purely for personal gain, so that he has been allwed to continue implies that he is telling the truth' if he were lying then it would be criminal fraud. That also implies that Obama really is a reptilian alien. Does that mean that the CIA base on Mars was actually built by aliens? The White House denied that claim, so what does that imply?

I have also gotten the feeling that some of what is reported as news is hoax, made up to fill in time or to amuse the masses. Maybe I should stop looking at google news, or google should hire me to select stories. While most of what goes on the page in real news, but I wonder whether some was dreamed up to make the page look more interesting. Itís hard to tell, because unlikely things happen regularly. One thing that I liked was the article about sinkholes in Siberia. That was a few months ago, but there was a recent update, because some people explored one.

On a more serious matter, Putinís recent speech in which he said that the West was trying to break up Russia was an example of a hoax that was intended to raise the hackles of the Russian rabble, but it could also be interpreted as a paranoid delusion, or it could simply be propaganda. We all know that paranoid delusions are common among military leaders, but they usually are moderated when they occur in national leaders. These days the matter is usually moderated, but delusions used to be quite common among kings and such. Weíll have to wait to learn what will happen to Putinís delusions.

I wonder whether the climate changersí ideas are hoaxes or delusions. The presentation is classic propaganda, which suggests that there may be a deliberate attempt to mislead, but that could also indicate that the people reporting the matter think that the propaganda approach to reporting is a good way to present facts, which might be a delusion. In either case, the IPCC reports were poorly written, so they can be interpreted to mean almost anything. I haven't chceked again, but the most recent report had gaping holes in it; things that were referred to were not there. Those deficiencies may have been corrected since then.

The matter of there having had to be personal gain for the climate change hoax to be considered a criminal fraud might be why it is continuing so long. If a prosecutor didnít see numbers of widows and orphans shorn by the perpetrator of a fraud, then he isnít likely to start a criminal prosecution. I wonder what would get a prosecutor to take a look.

Then there were the smoke and mirrors that Obama used to get Obamacare passed. It was clearly a hoax, but I don't think there is any sign that Obama has personally profited by his hoax, so I don't think that there is any way to have that considered fraud. Hell, that's true for insurance in general, except that insurance companies profit from their hoaxes.

On the other hand, writers of fiction sometimes take their material from actual fact; although they present things as fiction. This is the opposite from what scammers do.

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical. If one looks hard enough, then everything looks like a fraud.

Then there's religion. Do the leaders of religions actually believe their stories, or do they just do it for the money?

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