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There are so many secrets of this life
Hidden in the breeze,
I wouldn't tell, but keep them safe
In these melodies-
In daytime I listen to my old, sweet friend,
the brightest songs
of the minstrel, to myself suspend,
and my soul belongs
in the windiest leaves, in a smile,
to rise up, to fly
In a single straight line, for a while
for the night sky.
My friend had peace and joy at heart,
an angel dance
had strengthened love in him to art
and lovely chance-
I've reached a thousand heavens, just
to find my muse,
All of life comes down to trust,
and what to choose.
I had a friend say that we are love,
a kind of love shines right through-
and whatever we give life to from above,
it will be true.
Heaven eternally flows
to the roots,
and fills again a life that grows
from tiny shoots.
I speak of what I know, so dear,
infinite life surrounding-
And spaciousness, wide, free, and clear,
from the root abounding.