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So I was watching this show, One Life, a nature documentary. There are no words for how beautiful this is... It held me in total fascination. The beauty of it... is truly immeasureable. A kind of mouse that runs along paths, darting and making quick turns to escape a very fast lizard, that can't make the turns quite as well. The commentator said, "For every predator. . . there is an escape artist which gladdens the heart." It couldn't be more true. Then when they got to the part of the flying fish, I wanted to weep for the beauty of it. I wish people could understand the beauty of it all.

Anyway, the documentary is from 2011, I just found out. The Wiki is here- One Life

and it doesn't quite compare to the beautiful video and narrative of the film, but on the other hand it has much more detail, here's a Wikipedia page about the fish.