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a song

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The good smell is back again,
that deep, penetrating rose-fragrance
the beauty is back
which rolls across the swelling plain
which fills my heart with spaciousness,
peace, joy, fulfillment,
and the victory of victories.
This, yes, truth, come, again. Take hold.
Peace, yes, bliss, breath, peace, truth, love, m y s o u l, return.
Inifnite renewal force,
again fill my heart and breath and lungs,

my life, my life -
I am nothing shining through
a nothing.

Glorious infamy, refresh me.
Again love me,
again fill my life with love, and tenderness,

the only kind that can come from desirelessness, peacefulness,
and self-renewing blissfulness.

My life has ended; let my answering self begin.
Love has mended, whole again are my limbs.
Strength, peace, and joy sustained me,
While I was lost in the forest of delusion;
The pain and sadness of confusion -
Shadows and emptiness, meaning nothigness,
and infinite nothingness behind the sun -
My soul ringing out -
its shadows,
the movement in a grain of sand,
the DNA stretching back billions of years,
the emptying echo of one last thing -
reverberated, refracted, returning to form
a more perfect universe, which is that which became our own.

An image, a holograph, and infinite fractal pattern;
This life is wholly one.