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Memories of the 28th Century

Is the World Getting Stranger?

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Thereís strange **** coming down in Babylon.

Itís hard to tell, but it seems that the news has been stranger this year than in any other time in the last few centuries, but I canít be sure about that. It is possible that I have just noticed strange news stories more than in earlier, and it is also possible that reporters are reporting stranger things. Consider international news.

Around the end of last year it looked like there would be fewer wars for a while, but I was disappointed. The first real strangeness of the year may have been the video of Russian military whipping an all-female political theatre group, Pussy Riot, in Sochi during the Winter Olympics. I should have found that to be an omen of things to come. If Russian men whip women, then who knows what else they might do. In February the Ukrainian government collapsed, which was unexpected for a place like Ukraine, but there had been some verbal battling about whether they would be a European country or another piece of Russia. That is a battle that has been going on since the Mongols invaded in the thirteenth century, and it isnít over yet. Russia annexed Crimea, which wasnít messy; although it did show poor judgment on the part of Putin. But then the Eastern Ukraine rebelled. That was insane, but thatís still going on, and Putin is still supporting that, which makes a strong comment about him.

With going on in Europe, ISIS, which had seemed to be just another piece of al-Qaeda, started moving and trying to conquer Iraq. They moved fast, but it appears that ISIS is simply too small to do what they are trying to do. The biggest thing they had in their favor was the ongoing rebellion in Syria and weakness of the central government in Iraq. Both left power vacuums into which ISIS is still trying to step. We probably won't get all of the details for several years, but there seems to be something of comic opera about that organization. They claim to be Muslim but act contrary to the tenets of Islam. I have gotten the impression that there are large numbers of Chechens and others from unhappy places; if that is so, then it might explain some of the oddities.

One of the oddest things about ISIS (or whatever they are this week) is their custom of beheading people. And even odder is the reaction that Western people seem to have to this. Beheading is not all that painful, unless someone takes half an hour to do the job, but a simple cut through the throat and breaking the neck and cutting through that would barely be felt by the victim, because he would lose consciousness when blood pressure on the brain plummeted. Regardless of that, the people fighting against ISIS are making a mess of it, and they refuse to cooperate with others fighting ISIS. And the Western governments still refuse to settle the situation in Syria, so that the Syrian army could make hash of ISIS, and after these years of fighting all those rebels, hash is what they would make.

Then there is this outbreak of Ebola. All of the earlier outbreaks have been contained with a few hundred cases, but this time that have been thousands of cases and thousands of deaths. It almost looks like it will spread through more countries, or did look that way, but now it appears to be settling down. Next time the disease may move faster.

I wonder whether things are being reported differently. For example, have there really been more murders of women, or have they been more widely reported? I get the feeling that the latter is the case. Reporters report what they think they understand, and murders are more interesting than factory closings. I have seen the actual statistics regarding school shootings, and there really were more in the 19th century than there have been in recent decades, but they used to be local issues. Controversy sells papers used to be a saying among newspaper people, and I expect that they have just changed it to reflect that the readers are looking online, rather than buying a newspaper.

On the other hand, maybe there hasn't been good news. I made the mistake of sending a message to Obama, so now I'm on the White House's email list. If that had happened a few decades ago, then I would have gotten some news, but all I have gotten have been poorly written campaign handouts, and he isn't even running. I ascribe that to Obama having incompetents on his staff, which would help to explain the poor policy that this administration has gotten into.

As a whole, it's almost as if the collective intelligence of humanity has dropped by twenty-five percent. There's also the problem that logic is not taught in schools, or even in college; that has resulted in plenty of decisions being based on opinions without a shred of evidence to back it up. The Climate Change thing is the most extreme example of a lack of intellectual capacity, but the policy in the Middle East also shows a great lack of intelligent analysis of the facts to determine what course of action would be most advantageous.

There is another possibility that I didn't want to bring up now but will. Much that passes as news is actually hoax, fiction written as a joke, hoaxes, made up for humor or to keep the unemployed amused, and lead them to think that there are other people who are trying to help them, so they don't need to riot,

There is only one cure for the problem. Alas, it is unlikely that I will be appointed emperor in the immediate future.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterL
    As a whole, it's almost as if the collective intelligence of humanity has dropped by twenty-five percent.
    The more one takes a step outside of daily human affairs, the more one is aware of this fact, Peter. I have noticed it, too, and know what you are talking about. I've been noticing, and surprised by the same thing, over the last few months.

    I attribute this alarming trend to several causes... not necessarily in order of importance

    1) the playing down of the media in all its forms to the lowest common denominator

    2) the harmful effects of having multi-billion dollar enterprises, being spent on research of how to manipuate consumers to buy their products, and in the cases of credit cards, to enslave their clients to a life-time of debt.

    Do I have to mention the ultimate goal of such an enterprise - mind control?

    It is not very easy simply to state or measure the harmful effects of such a sprawling endeavor of humanity. But simply ask yourself - what may happen when you spend billions trying to manipulate the human psyche? The human heart, the soul? In my view, this is one result.

    But I have seen it. . in normal persons is where I see it. . they are riddled with false, mundane, weakening, ridiculous memes. These memes pass to you, literally, by being around someone. When I am around someone like this, frail and weakened and filled with weakening thoughts; I can literally feel the meme trying to penetrate; the resulting slight weakening of my immune system if I would accept any of this depraved man's memes.

    Memes are everything from "hello mellow yellow," to "I am good," "I am strong," or "I am at peace," or "the world is a safe and beautiful place."

    When life goes on, sometimes it may happen that one of the more positive, uplifting ones is replaced with something slightly less so, or even dramatically the case.

    I would say the absolute turning point of life always comes down to the question of will, or determination. All of life comes down to the understanding of who one truly is; whom others are; and the interplay of life and love between beings. . . the turning point of there being a mystery to life is the realization we are connected with those around us; with other life.

    The turning point of emotional life, philosophical life, idea and art life, and everything else; is truly the point of understanding that one creates one's life, one is responsible for one's life completely, entirely.

    Then of course, there is the whole rest of one's life to be lived..

    The reason .. the reason this question is so important is because it asks the very important point -

    Who is in control of the individual? Is that person in control of themselves? (yes) Are they responsible for themselves? The answer is always yes, but understanding this on a personal scale, is different than from just talking about it.

    In any case -if we go into life, through life, never asking this question; never choosing for ourselves, and taking destiny into our own hands, and beginning the process of learning to live truly, fully and free - then we live life at the whim of events, we are pushed to and fro, and we never take time to explore the rest of life - the fullness of one's heart is truly as vast as the entire universe.. this is the great secret.

    Anyway; one strong and simple way to begin this process of taking control back of one's life, taking one's destiny back into one's control, which is where it is and it should always be.. .

    The way to do is this was found by examining all the factors which are contributing to the denial of one's true self = limiting factors; every meme that invades one's consciousness and tells one's heart and mind that one is limited, weak, small, incapable - these are all the enemy of life, of consciousness, of love, peace; of every living being's, I would say. Strength is life; weakness is death - but also in our human capacity we expand strength to include strength, wisdom, peace, charity, grace, power, finesse, patience, kindness, endurance, courage, industrialness, creativity, etc. On the other side we have everything relating to and stemming from weakness and fear.

    There are many, many multi-billion dollar entities whose goal is to manipulate you, control you, and remake you into their servant. Your life is free as much as you make it free. And you have to do so on a personal, active and consistent basis. Everything conscious and subconscious in you is known to you... All you have to do is just take back control, of all of yourself, and I have found, the best way to do this is to meditate - practice the spirituality and wisdom tradition of all cultures, and close your eyes, return to nature; chant some mantra - the mantras from all cultures are beautiful, strengthening, and freeing -they are an ancient part of human nature. . . The ancient wisdom tradition from any culture will literally get you there. Native American, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Japanese, Ancient Indian, Ancient European - perhaps the most muddied and difficult to trace in today's world is the European, and since in the history of the last few hundred years, European nations have had most of the advantages, technologically, and therefore come out ahead most often, culturally, this may be a possible reason.

    Anyway- take any and all wisdom tradition; study them all, if you learn T'ai Qi Qong from an authentic source; more power to you.

    You will find the authentic people of every culture, the ones who most truly embody every human trait, and almost make them seem divine - these will always amaze you by the fact that they are so similiar - if you look at Laoze and Black Elk, you see equals. You see a vast and rich tapestry of the human soul - which is truly not at all different from nature's soul or spirit. The soul is the soul and we share one with all life.

    In any case, I go on a tangent; the loss of ritual is one probable contributing factor. The place and value of ritual is undisputed.

    Peter - I am going to go ahead and post this because it's getting a bit long. I have more thoughts and I haven't organized everything perfectly, I tend to get on tangents, as a lot of people do; I was about to touch on the fact that one personality and consciousness can be so vast; and others, are yet small and - this is one thing we do, we are always doing in life, I believe, our spirit is always growing or dying, expanding or shrinking...
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    I forgot to really say, that ultimately it all comes down to selectivity; what you put into your heart, and mind, is what is going to ultimately saturate your soul. That should be the most well-known fact in existence.

    Maybe in other times ( 500 years ago? ) this may not have been in true; but in today's situation, the source of all evil seems to be fear. And ultimately, in this game of war and peace, it certainly does. Fear and parannoia are the only real enemy.

    Fear is the result of, and the cause of, evil done and said. So memes which make you more fearful, and those which make you less so; would have to be the indicators of change in the human psyche.

    So my prescription is this: take a good look at all the memes in your life, the ones you take in regularly, consume on a daily basis, and examine the effect they have. Then, discard the ones that weaken, in the words of Rumi, "ignore all that degrades you and drags you towards death." Finally, write your own memes, and repeat them to yourself, so that they get into your heart and mind. "I am strong," or "I am at peace," and "I am healthy," are simple and powerful things to say to oneself. Writing things out in cursive is a wonderful way as well.

    This doesn't mean you're turning your back on life, because you are always going to be thinking things - but the key is if you think purely life promoting things, well - then you will promote life.

    The key is to notice and understand there are chaotic forces out there - mad, unleashed, somewhat random - and they are actually trying to take control of you; they're trying to win your vote, and suck your dollar.

    Now is the importance clear of why you have to examine your inner life, and begin your spiritual journey?

    Oh - but yeah, so, remove the negative things in your life, and increase the positive; take control of your life by taking control of your memes, okay? You do this, it affects your entire life; heart, mind, consciousness and subconsciousness.

    How is the best way to get to know one's subconscious? Come into alignment of unity between what one's life is - what one's thoughts are, what one's actions are, what one's words are, and what one believes.

    That is, as far I can understand it, the best way to understand one's subconscious.
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    Originally Posted by Tim Tyler, italics his

    "One that I haven't seen before is the idea that words are not like parasites because they are simple and can't defend themselves against being rejected by the memune system. Memeticists allow for symbiotes that are mutualists, parasites or commensalists. There is no "parasites-only" version of memetics. Most individual words would be memetic mutualists - rather than memetic parasites - benefiting the host by helping them to communicate.

    "The objection regarding how deleterious memes could evade the host memune system is essentially much the same for memes as for parasites. More complex memeplexes do have memune system evasion capabilities - for example: "trust me" and "that's the devil talking". Also: memes evolve quickly - whereas the host memune system is slower to respond and adapt - and the host's memune system has to cope with many possible attackers, a considerable burden on it.

    "Lastly, with meme transmission, there is a twist that does not apply to organic immune systems. Memes are - on average - beneficial. Letting the good ones through while rejecting the bad ones is a very difficult problem. If we knew which ideas were the good ones, we wouldn't need cultural transmission in the first place - we could just invent the good ideas. However, we don't know that - so we do the best we can, and inevitably some bad ideas get through the net. The price we pay for getting lots of good ideas culturally is that some bad ones make it past our defenses. However, that is better than beefing up our defenses - since that would stop lots of good ideas from reaching us too."

    I haven't heard of or thought of a "memune system" until now; and obviously I think it's clear and simple which memes are life-furthering and such. I would say the utmost imperative for human life is for it to learn how to coexist equally with the rest of the planet without destroying it.

    Perhaps we could simply begin by saying,

    Human life is sacred,
    Animal life is sacred,
    Plant life is sacred.
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    Thanks for posting that.
  5. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Most definitely.