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Mohammad Ahmad

My earlier period of youth & poem

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My earlier period of youth & poem

Well, let me discuss a short view about a period when I was still teenager living in a countryside not far away from the road which connecting between Mosul city and , Dohok city, which it is now considered as a part of Kurdistan territory.
The area is about 50 km northerly to Mosul and exactly situated at the left bank of Tigris River.
There I spent my earlier period of youth playing and spending lovely long times alongside the caves which are mostly overlooking on a river from its left side where our village "Kasrage" had been established before it was totally drowned as well as many areas surrounding the River by the damming-water created at Saddam period in 1980s.
Still I have a backing- up memory about that earlier stage, the moments of my childhood- up to 20 years of my age, which never I can forget.
Frankly it will be, if I have said that the certain period above I mentioned has unique tasting days since every bird I eagerly listened to its songs, every wild animal I chased, every girl I played with when we have been shepherding, each moment of all these is hardly to be removed from one's mind.

A village its name is well known
Divested, and no name remains.
Once it was drowned by a flood.
And the water angrily expanded to replace
Neither name remains then nor any ruins.
Its people sorrowfully left the place
And everything of their memorial was gone
No sun should be lovely in their day.
No shiny moon should pleasantly stay
And no children should gather then to play
As a nightly team came to play a hiding game
A memory comes up to my mind over the years
What had I had if everything is gone?
A place had been swept away by the waves
Which bird will chant then and,
on which wood will it perch?
Is it untruth if we said it is a type of doom?
What gloom is the worst than a departure gloom?
No way still being paved unless was flooded.
Even the rocks that one day I sat near or beside.
Shattered and devastated to be unseen ruins.
No face unless was covered with dimness.
No green-grassed area unless being shabby.
None of the green meadows,
None of the green flattened areas,
No whispering doves come round.
No sweet sound of a partridge can be heard.
None of all these stay safely and sound.
Unless it turns yellowy and faded
Yes, it has been faded as my faded heart.
Yes, it has been faded as my graying hair.
Yes, the memories can't be forgotten but faded.
It was faded as the bygone frustrated years.
As my youth that had nothing of cheers!
To be alike fragments of nuts shells
Intentionally to be trodden by the passers.
As autumn leaves drop down one after another.
No miracle set worthy, if they were fallen down.
Useless then to be grown and grown
Valueless then to be smart or either relaxed
But to run away within each steep slope comes down.
Then in the empty space to be faded
In that place of dignity
In that place of purity
In that place of earning to be nontransparent shapes
My wishes, my desire, the rough attitudes of hers
Let me envisage them with each sight
Let me decorating them into my lines.
Let me cuddling them separately as I want
No doubt and no doubt, there is no fault!
They are the heritage of my own humor
They are the ladder of my last chamber
Cheer up to you!
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