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Mohammad Ahmad

Should it be an intelligence play?

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Should it be an intelligence play?
Supposing that America invaded Iraq at 2003 under the pretext of WMD, why does America not invade Iran, which really has WMD?
Supposing it under the pretext of releasing people from tyranny, why does America not go to Syria and releasing Syrians from their dictatorship?
Many questions are ready in each one's mind to ask and if each one will rethink, giving to his mind back in the eye of reality to all incidents and gearing up them respectively, will undoubtedly perceive that something is like a drama repeats its scenes in the same manner or either in a different attire.
Therefore, as I think it is just a real play but it comes in another masked face and the players are the same players.
Why is the truth always being absent?
Why do we conceal the reality about nations?
The worst war never has been happened in the world, is the Bush's War to Iraq at 2003, it stands beyond the direct responsible of what happens in Iraq now, and let me reckon on my views according to these:
1- There were no problems between Sunni and Shiite sects before America occupation to Iraq at 2003, and it is simply to say that both of them fought together against Iran in the war 1980s taking in our consideration that most of Iranian people are Shiites.
2- What is the advantage that Iraq peoples had gained after the occupation?
a-Isnít a real democracy had been actually achieved?
b- Do we have now a strong army as we had it before the occupation?
c- Does Iraq have its real position inside his neighbouring lands?
d- They just replace new faces in the government
3- What does America indeed want?
Is it the Sykes-Picot Treaty coming again in anew division?
For these notes above I state, I think the IsIs is just a chandler to work in and to reestablish the worst polices again in the region, so that we accuse America to the all failures at least to all of the circumstances having relations to our country.