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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Getting Colour of God - Imbibing Attributes of Beloved - No Incarnation in Islam.

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I agree with you, JALASH, and your Quran's teaching that nobody has the right to take innocent people's lives.

My question about Quran (which I haven't read yet) doesn't concern this topic you are talking about here, I hope you won't mind. Does the Quran preach reincarnation? I've read that the Bible's certain parts (I think it is John) could be understood as preaching reincarnation, although it is disputable, not openly expressed. And there is a certain church from 13th century, in which Jesus was depicted dressed in Buddha's gown, what to me is a sign, an insinuation of christians' belief in reincarnation (since Buddhism, as we all know, believes in it, i.e. it seems to be their idea). Kabbalah is also said to suggest reincarnation.

Nice post, thanks.
Peace be on you. Thanks for your kind words. May God bless you.

Holy Quran tells about numerous pure attributes of God and asks:

" Say, ‘We will adopt the colour of Allah; and who is better than Allah in colour, and Him alone do we worship.’ " [ch2:v139]

[The word 'sibghah' of Allah is used in Arabic of above verse which also means religion of Allah.]

Messengers of Allah comes to teach people about the ways of Allah. They essentially copy the attributes of Allah in their morals and spirituality and teach it by their own example. They do not become God but they start to reflect His properties at human level. This like opening a window in front of Sun, the room will be lit. Not because room has its own light but it is reflection. A mirror will be far more reflective.

Prophets and Messengers and other pure people who cleanse their thoughts, deeds and bosom fully and has not impurity left, they imbibe attributes of God at human level. In other words they spiritually get lost in God. One always find such metaphors in poetry --- the infusing of beloveds. But is never in real sense, a Messenger is always a human, he is never ever a God, though sometimes, his body movements, his pointing, his seeing, his hearing gets a flavour from God. It is the philosophy of miracles [the unknown of a time is shown, it may not be a miracle for latter people, for them new miracles are shown] extraordinarily.

When Prophets / Messengers [they are same: By virtue of being sent to people, he is Messenger and by virtue of saying prophecies, he is Prophet] takes people under their wings of love and training, people start to colour of spiritual effects [like magnetic effects] of the Prophet who actually he had taken from God. That is why, some disciples are of very high order in every religions.

This all is lost-in-love-metaphoric phenomenon. Everyone is independent entity otherwise.

There is a human faculty of dreams. It is granted for high purpose. The dreams of holy and pure person who thinks and do clean and follow commandment of God, their dreams are much more refined. The dreams of Prophets / Messengers are highly refined they become revelation from God. There are Visions too, called Kashf is Islam; in a Vision, one may see incidences with their open eyes (while the person is physically awake). Some Visions are seen by un-religious people too. Dreams and Visions are given to human so that they under what these things are. But they are not reincarnation surely. In previous scripture, writers mixed actual dreams and Visions with actuality and they became fable latter.

In Islam, God does not take any physical shape, He does not come as human, His Messengers do not take His form or vice versa, no human takes form of God, Messenger or other human, each soul is independent, souls come from God they do not come back, once gone gone for ever to their Lord, similar soul may come [Elijah was waited to come back, it was example of similar's coming and it turned out to be John the Baptist (Yahya in Quran, on whom be peace), Jesus (Esa in Quran, on whom be peace) is being waited by Muslims and Christians, according to Ahmadiyya Muslims it was a case like Elijah prophecy, actually Jesus was to come in properties metaphorically, not literally; he has come in 1889 in India in Islam -- Ahmadiyya Muslims believe and now his Khilafat continues]

Everyone has to answer about his / her deeds on the day of judgment. Once people die their physical bodies become part of earth and atmosphere. Their souls return to God, they are saved till Hereafter but each soul gets quick feeling what they are going to get as reward.

Each one is responsible for themselves. No one takes ones burden as it would be is against Justice and Mercy to punish one for other. Grace of God, right faith and good deeds are vital.

Coming again and again for salvation is not present in Islam, in fact it was not present in the basic and actual form of any religion. Latter people added subtracted such creed.

We come from God, we are expected to pay His rights, rights of people, rights of self, right of all creation with love, then we complete our time and by the time our soul return to our God, we are expected to have imbibed in His colour at human level as much we could. Then have life in Hereafter, wrongdoers will spent time in corrective facility [hell] and eventually come out to start journey in paradise. The Pious ones will start life in paradise, whose bounties continues always, these bounties are not seen by us in world, they can just be hinted about. The top most bounty is the nearness of beloved God.

[54:55] Verily, the righteous will be in the midst of Gardens and streams,
[54:56] In the seat of truth with an Omnipotent King.

Hopefully, humbly speaking, I feel, you have the answer now. You can quench thirst at various sections of alislamDOTorg. You can find translation and commentaries of Holy Quran in there too.

Good wishes.
[Based on explanations by Ahmadiyya Muslim Promised Messiah and his Successors / Khulafa (may Allah be with them) ]