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Dog Park #14 Some Exciting News!

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Well I'm back with some exciting news! The Dpk received some new agility equipment last month! Yes, perhaps not that exciting but wait to you read how we got it.

I have a blind dog named Misfit that comes to the park. Misfit is another whole blog in himself as it is amazing to see him play and interact with people and dogs. It is amazing!

Back to point, Misfit's mommas wanted to donate something to the dog park and held an auction on Misfit's Facebook page. They got donations of items to be auctioned and then set up an on-line auction. They raised over $1800 US dollars! I think that is awesome; and then donated all of it to the dog park. Another group, HoCoDOG pitched in and with the funds was purchased for the Dpk an A Frame! If you are not familiar with what an A Frame is - it is a ramp that meets at a peak and then comes back down. The dogs love it!!!! And the owners who visit the park are now using more and more the other agility equipment that is there...a hoop and a tunnel. This is all good stuff as the dogs are learning new things and employing more of their minds and skills instead of running around chasing a ball or another dog.

I have attached three images.
The first is Misfit and his mommas.
The second is Brodie demonstrating the A Frame
The third is Kilo showing off jumping thru the hoop.

Getting your dog involved in agility training is good for both you and your dog. It makes them think and dogs are not stupid and they need metal simulations. I have had many patrons tell me "My dog will never do that." One such Owner was Brodie's Owner who was amazed when he played on the A Frame.

Many thanks to Misfit and his moms and HoCoDOG !
And for all you pet owners....give your pooch some credit. He/she probably knows more then you give them credit for!

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    That looks really cool. We can't wait until we get another dog. We're doing some major remodeling at the house and when it's all over we'll look into another pup. Is misfit a Doberman? I can't quite tell.
  2. kittypaws's Avatar
    Greetings Virgil!

    Good to see you and thank you for replying.
    Yes, Misfit is a doberman, blind from birth.

    That is exciting news that you will be looking into pup once the remodeling is done. Smart move to wait!

    Depending on the breed you select some are quite adapt to agility and it is a great way to expand their minds. Dogs aren't all about being petted and chasing balls...some like to work. But all dogs like to please their owners.

    Please keep me posted!

  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I will. Too bad about Misfit's blindness. But if anyone can adapt it's a dog with a good spirit. But I'm sure he needs help. Poor thing.