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Strange Authors from The Saint Magazine

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Spent the afternoon going through my copies of The Saint Magazine. These were mystery digests published from 1953-1967 with a very three issue 1984 revival. Missing 36 of the original 141 issue run and the last two issues of the revival. The idea was to index any author I had an interest in so I could locate them later when wanting to read them.

Some authors noted were a bit of a surprise. Isaac Asimov (06-56), Pearl Buck (04-58, 04-66), Ray Bradbury (06-84), Erskine Caldwell (05-56), Joseph Conrad (01-59), Alexandre Dumas (10-64), C. S. Forester (01-58, 12-59), William Faulkner (09-62, 02-63), F. Scott Fitzgerald (07-63), Somerset Maugham (10-55), Johnston McCulley (01-59, 01-60), Mary Shelley (03-65), Rafael Sabatini (09-58, 06-59, 12-64), and Philip Wylie (01-54, 09-67). To me Mary Shelly was the very most unlikely author to appear in a what amounts to a detective fiction magazine for points for weird variety.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    I didn't know they had a magazine of The Saint. That's in the character, Simon Templar, as The Saint? Did those authors write for the magazine or did the magazine excerpt parts of their fiction for it? Interesting.
  2. mtpspur's Avatar
    There was an American edition and a British edition. And yes it was the Simon Templar character. His creator Leslie Charteris was publishing new and old stories for the magazine and using a blend of new and old fiction form a wide range of writers. If oyu are interested there is a website called Galactic Central that has a HUGE inventory of as many LITERATURE magaznes that published short stories and covers to go with many of them. It's where I got originally my pictures of the Shadow pulp magazine for instance. It's divided by genre and alphabet. Enjoy--I think you'ld like it. You'ld be amazed how far back he goes.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Thanks Rich.