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Ovid's Exile's Comments on Religion

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Religious Benefits

Religious Art
Religious Music
Literature and Philosophy
Modern Christian Scientists
Religion produces cool social activists
Religious People Are More Charitable, Form Stronger Societies, And Have Better Mental Health
The Bible is Great Literature
Religion is Good For Children

Common Criticisms and Misconceptions of Christianity Addressed

The Problem of Evil and a Benevolent God
Atheists Don't Go To Hell
Religious Thinking is a Natural Part of Human Biology
The World is Growing More Religious Not Less
Most Christians believe in Evolution and Atheists use Metaphors too
The Middle Ages Were Full of Scientific Advances and Christian Scientists
Biblical History is as Accurate as Other Ancient Histories of the Same Time Period
Noah's Ark
Priests Not Pedo, Church Money, Charities, Non-Overlapping Magisteria
Secular Versions of Every Delusion or Error Atheists Say are Caused by Religion

Criticisms of Atheism

Atheists are a homogenous culture
Atheists have a lot in common
Crimes by Atheists against Religious people
Atheists May be Mentally Impaired
Dawkins is a Bigot

Science No Substitute

Science is Amoral, Can Cause Harm, and Needs Ethical Guidance
Modern Science and Technology caused the Holocaust
Scientists Disagree with Each Other, and Science is not always objective or clear
Science is Flawed, subject to fraud, scandal, and perversion, not the source of absolute truth
Science and religion not at odds, Scientists are as likely to be Religious as Atheist
Scientists Not More Atheist than a Century Ago
Uncertainty is a Prerequisit of all Knowledge and The Bible Evolves like the Constitution

Reasons For Belief

Pascal's Wager, The Drake Equation, The Cosmological Argument, The Fine Tuned Universe
Faith Can Be Rational and Science has Unproveable Theories