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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Some Attributes of God

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May peace be on you.

God is One, has no associate and except He there is no one else is worthy of worship, according to Holy Quran [chapter 59, verses 24 and 25]

It is said so because if He were not without associate then there is possibility that He might be overcome by a rival. In such case, Godhead would always be in threat…………….No one is worthy of worship but Him: It means that He is such a Perfect God Whose attributes are so great that if we were to select a god based on perfection, or we were to think the best attributes which God should possess, then the most perfect is that God, with Whom making a lesser God will be incorrect.

The Knower of the unseen, The Knower of seen

He alone knows perfectly about His-Being.…..Nothing is hidden from His knowledge but it is not possible for human…….Only He knows when He will end the universe and bring the Day of Judgment.

He is Gracious

He makes available the provisions of sustenance before the existence of life and any action from animates. This is due to His Grace only. He made the sun and the earth etc before our being and our deeds. By virtue of this, God is called Al-Rahman in Holy Quran.

He is One Who rewards deeds

God rewards more than good effort. He does not waste effort of person and by virtue of this action is called He is called Al-Raheem.

God is The Master

God is the Master of the Day of Judgment, He recompenses. He has appointed no representative for this at any time. He is Malik-e-Yomiddin.

He is The Sovereign, The Holy One

God is the Sovereign with no defect. Human sovereignty is with weakness; people living under an earthly sovereign may leave the country for any reason or they may stand against the ruler, etc. God’s sovereignty is not as this. He can end and start things. He rules with right and justice. God is Al Malekul Quddus.

God is Source of Peace

God is free of all defects and troubles; He provide safety. If He had suffered problems and failures, He could not have given have given satisfaction to hearts that He would surely liberate us from difficulties. God is As-Salam.

The Bestower of Peace

He grants proofs of his excellence and Unity and believers which give them peace and confidence and they are never down as compared to those who believe in artificial gods. God is Al Mo’min.

God Guards everyone, and Mighty over all, and Repair break-downs, and is very Self-Sufficient /
almohaimenul azizul jabbarul motakabbir

He is such God that He creates bodies, He creates souls too, He draws features (of baby) in womb. All conceivable holy attributes are His names / ho wallahul khalequl bareyul mosawwero lahul asmaul husnaa

yosabbeho lahu maa fissamawatey wal-arzey wa howal azizul hakeem / The dwellers of heavens glorify His name with purity and of earth too.

It shows that there are those who live in heavenly bodies and they follow guidance of God.

God is All Powerful to do what he wishes / alaa kulley sheyin qadeer. [chapter 2, verse 21]

Believers and worshipers are happy to know that their God is fully Capable and Powerful.


Essay based on Friday sermon by Ahmadiyya Khalifah (a.t.) of Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.) in [ Ahmadiyya DIR in Islam DIR]