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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

The Revealed Sermon - God Spoke to Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi.

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Peace be on you.…Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi writes:
On the morning of 11 April, 1900, the day of Eid ul Adha, I received a revelation, [Translation]‘Today you shall make a speech in Arabic. You are given the power’. This was followed by the revelation:

کلام افصحت من لدن رب کریم

This means, that the Gracious god has endowed this address with eloquence. The following people were immediately apprised of this revelation: The Late Maulvi Abdul Kari Sahib, Maulvi Kakim Nuruddin Sahib, Shaikh Rahmatullah Sahib, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib, Maulvi Muhammad Ali Sahib M.A., Master Abdul Rahman Sahib, Master Sher Ali Sahib B.A., Hafiz Abdul Ali Sahib and many others. Accordingly, I stood up after Eid Prayer to deliver the Eid sermon in Arabic. God the Exalted knows that the capacity was bestowed upon me from the unseen and the eloquent Arabic address that proceeded extemporarily from my mouth was definitely beyond my power. I cannot imagine that anyone in the world can deliver such a speech, extending over so many pages, with such eloquence and without the help of divine revelation. This Arabic address, which has named ‘Khutba Ilhamia’ [The Revealed Sermon], was delivered to an audience of about 200 people. SubhanAllah. It seemed as if a fountain had begun to flow from the unseen, and I knew not whatever it was I who was speaking or whether it was an angel speaking through my tongue. I knew only that I had no part in this address. Sentence after sentence issued from my mouth and each one was for me a sign. These sentences have been published by the name of ‘Khutba Ilhamia’ [The Revealed Sermon]. Read this book and you will realize how impossible it is for someone to stand up and extemporarily deliver such a long speech in Arabic. This is a miracle of a literary nature that God has shown, and no one can present anything like it.

Reference: Words of Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi (a.s.) presented in the Friday Sermon by Holy Fifth Ahmadiyya Khalifah (a.t.), April 11, 2014; Details and specimen from ‘The Revealed Sermon’ can be found in the said Friday Sermon at and