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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Listen to the Voice of Heavens.

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Peace be on you.
(1) Eclipses are natural phenomenon. But there was something very special in the solar and lunar eclipses of 1894 which occurred on the specific dates in the same month of Ramadan. What was so special in that? Such eclipses were foretold by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as the sign of truth of his Mahdi [The guided one]. It is the another title of the latter days’ moral and spiritual reformer namely, The Promised Messiah (a.s.). When they took place, a claimant was present. He writes:

“The following Hadith related by Imam Muhammad Baqir is recorded in Sahih Dar-Qutni:
Translation: There are two signs for our Mahdi, and ever since God created the heavens and earth, these two signs have never appeared at the time of any other Appointed One or Messenger of God. One of them is that, in the time of the Promised Mahdi, during the month of Ramadan, the lunar eclipse will take place on the first night, i.e., on the thirteenth; while the solar eclipse will take place on the middle of its days, i.e., on the twenty-eighth day of the month of Ramadan. Such a phenomenon has never occurred at the time of any Messenger or Prophet since the beginning of the world. It was destined to occur only at the time of the Promised Mahdi. All English and Urdu newspapers and all astronomers testify that in my time lunar and solar eclipses of this particular description did take place about twelve years ago, during the month of Ramadan.”(Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 22, p.202 – Essence of Islam, Vol. V, p. 166)……………………..”‘Just as another Hadith relates the eclipse took place twice in the month of Ramadan. First in this country and the second time in America and it came to pass both times during the dates the Hadith refers to. Since at the time these eclipses took place, no one in the world except me claimed to be the Mahdi and Messiah and no one declared the eclipse to be a sign of him being the Mahdi like I did publishing hundreds of posters and pamphlets in Urdu, Persian and Arabic around the world, therefore this heavenly sign is designated to me. The other proof of this is that Allah the Exalted informed me that the sign will come to pass twelve years prior to its manifestation and that was published in Barahin e Ahamdiyya and distributed among hundreds of thousands of people before the appearance of the sign.” (Ibid)

“Thousands of scholars and Muhadditheen were hopeful for its manifestation and used to stand on pulpits and cry for it. The latest of them was in this age alone; Maulwi Muhammad Lukhokay who wrote a poetic verse in his book ‘Ahwalul Aakharat’ as regards this eclipse (in Punjabi: that it is written in a Tradition that a solar eclipse will take place in the thirteenth century in the month of Ramadan). Another holy person whose poetic verse has been renowned for centuries writes (in Persian) that when solar and lunar eclipse will take place in one month during the fourteenth century, that will be the time of the advent of the Promised Mahdi and Dajjal. This poetic verse gives the correct time of lunar and solar eclipses.” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, pp. 204-205)

“And I also swear by God the Exalted that I am the Promised Messiah and I am the same person who was promised by the Prophets. There is news about me and my era in the Torah, the Gospels, and the Holy Quran. It is stated that there will be eclipses in the sky and severe plague on the earth.” (Da fiul Bala, p18)

[ More: wwwDOTalislamDOTorg/library/sign.html ]

(2) A grand piece of news for the seekers after truth.
A gentleman had invited leaders of various religions that they should set forth the excellence of their respective faiths in the Conference proposed by him.

The Promised Messiah (a.s.) wrote about his grand essay: “This paper is not the result of ordinary human effort but is the sign among the signs of God, written with His special support.”… “I saw in a vision that that out of the unseen a hand was laid on my mansion and by the touch of that hand, a shining light emerged from the mansion and spread itself in all directions. It also illumined my hands. Thereupon someone who was standing by me proclaimed in a loud voice: Allahu Akbar, Kharibat Khaibar (God is Great, Khaibar has fallen)…….From this vision my mind moved towards the reception of revelation and I received the revelation (Arabic) God is with you, and God stands where you stand. This is a matphor conveying the assurance of Divine support.”

The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (a.s.) writes:
“I prayed to God that He may reveal to me a discourse that may triumph over all the speeches that would be made in that Conference. After this supplication, I found that a certain power had been breathed into me, and I felt this heavenly power stirring within me. My friends who were present at the time know that I did not write any preliminary draft of this paper. Whatever I wrote, I wrote extemporaneously. And I wrote the manuscript so quickly and with such flow that the copyist found it hard to keep pace with me. When I finished writing the paper, I received this Revelation from God Almighty, ‘The paper transcends all others.’ Thus when the paper was being read out in that conference, the audience were in an ecstasy and exclamations of acclaim were heard from every corner. So much so that the Hindu gentleman who presided over the conference, could not help exclaiming, “The paper transcends all others.” An English daily, The Civil and Military Gazette, which is published from Lahore, also recorded its testimony, “The paper transcends all others.” About twenty Urdu newspapers also gave the same testimony. With the exception of a few prejudiced individuals, everyone present bore out that this paper had surpassed all others. To this day there are hundreds of people who continue to give the same testimony. Thus with the testimony of every sect, as well as of the English newspapers, my prophecy, ‘The paper transcends all others’, was fulfilled. This challenge was like the one that Prophet Mosesas had to take up against the sorcerers, for in this Conference exponents of different schools of thought delivered speeches about their respective faiths. Some of them were Christians, some were Hindus of Sanatan Dharam or Arya Samaj, some were Brahmus, some were Sikhs, and some were Muslims who oppose us. All of them had turned their sticks into imaginary snakes, but when God unleashed the rod of the truth of Islam against them in the form of a pure and profound discourse, it turned into a python and devoured all their snakes. To this day people are all praise for the address that issued from my mouth. [Praise be to Allah for this.]” (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 22, pp. 291-292 – Essence of Islam, Vo. V. pp. 59-61)

The essay was liked so much that when it was not finished in allotted time, unanimously one more day was given to it. It answered the questions:

=The physical, moral and spiritual states of man.

=State of man after death.

=The object of human’s life and means of its attainment.

= The operation of the practical ordinances of the law in this life and the next.

=Sources of divine knowledge.

This essay is titled as “The Philosophy of The Teachings of Islam” and can be read at [as iBooks | Kindle | ePub | Audio | mobi | PDF
Online: English | Urdu | Arabic ]

Reference: More in Friday sermon of March 21, 2014 by Fifth Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifah (a.t.) at