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Mohammad Ahmad

Two poems : Aurora face \\ As a scorpion

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poem - 2
As a scorpion

As a scorpion, you sting me
To backbite once and flee
I bear you as a sore inside my eye
But you defame me as you want in lie.
Shalt you turn the foe's hand?
To be peevish as you dared
And pretend to have forgotten my passion.
Indeed then, you behave as a scorpion
To dance over my sorrow as a strange
Whereto had the temper of revenge?
You blow the faith as if you are dead.
In my destiny to look for thy legend
But you act as if a conscienceless
When I move back, you do a mess
Are you not present in my heart?
So to my patron, you gonna start
Didst you a human have attitudes?
Nye! You are just going to intrude.