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Mohammad Ahmad

Iraq after the occupation of 2003 and democracy

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Iraq after the occupation of 2003


I myself served as a private soldier in the Iraqi army during the Iraqi-Iranian war, from 1982- 1989.
I worked as a medical staff but I shared virtually in many battles that took place from north to south of Iraq, the more important battle is the liberation war of the Faw-district recovering again to the Iraqi authority from Persians in 1988, closely I saw all of the taken place battles there.
If only our military leaders ordered us to overwhelm Abadan in that time, we should went across the Shatt- al-Arab instantly and should overcame on it in less than one day due to the huge Iraqi forces I witnessed there on one hand and the high enthusiasm I saw on the Iraqi soldiers' faces on the other hand.
We ended the eight years of the bloody war, as a triumphant military deserves the victor.
After the war got its end, the American leadership began to impose the economy- blockage upon Iraq; this boycott began of course before the first-gulf war against the invasion of Iraq to al-Kuwait in 1991.
The thing that annoyed and overcame upon Iraqis' morales too much is the economic factor and sorrowfully all Arab leaders went with America on this side.
However, the reasons and excuses of the US-administration how to invade Iraq in 2003 are worthy to be mentioned or unworthy to be mentioned is not the subject I want to deal with but the significant matter I want to focus on is the aftermath of what America declared in achieving progress for Iraqi nation.
The most important thing that America excused its invasion to Iraq is to investigate the democracy for Iraqi people.
Therefore, I am going to focus on this lame democracy.
Before I discus let me ask some questions:
1- What is the benefit of democracy if half of the nation is under the line of poverty?
2- What is the benefit of the democracy notion if the sectarianism is consolidated in the country after America invaded Iraq?
3- What is the benefit of democracy if the bloodshed covered out streets?
4- How can we satisfy ourselves in this lame democracy while many youths of us are suffering from unemployment?
5- How can we satisfy in this democracy while the elections are full of with forgery?
6- To which extent are we satisfied in this democracy if we are divided after we were united before the America occupation to Iraq?
I think the excuse of America invasion to Iraq is null and dull; however, the cause is, because the latest pretext America sticks in is its lame democracy that America claims boastfully.

Before I get replies from others let me answer the reason of the democracy failure to say that some of reasons are put up with the Iraqi politicians' shoulders but the main reason is on America.

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