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Mohammad Ahmad

Donít you know what is fossil? religious poem

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Donít you know what is fossil?


Iraqi translator

Donít you believe you shall change for stones and iron?
What odd is it if you still unbelieving person!
Allah said in Quran that you should turn for fossil.
Science says bones are applicable to turn for iron.
Why donít you believe the pity human?
God promises us that Resurrection isnít funÖ
Donít you know that bodies contain iron?
Donít you know that bones contain calcium?
It is reasonable then to be changed for stones.
It is reasonable then to be turned for fossil.
O, God, help me if I got changing for fossilÖ
Do you make thyself ignorant what it means "fossil"?
After you died, your bones will change for fossil.
No healthy bone shall remain but will turn for fossilÖ
Donít you fear that your bones will be fossilized?
God-fearing helps you not to for everlasting fossilizedÖ
Then all your bones again shall be raised.
Then all bones will resurge from foot to headÖ
Then your all bones again shall be revivedÖ
No stone, no iron shall stay but to be changed.
As before you died, you shall be a new creation.
Allah Almighty will enhance in thee a new version.
That God Almighty is to everything capable.
By the will of God, we wish to be protectable.

*** *** ****
O, God, please help the poor man who is in a very necessity to your Help, and if not that, he will suffer and will not be saved from his tortureÖ.
Alas! To this life that who runs after it is as if who runs after mirage and lastly will get nothing, he will leave it only the shroud accompanies him and if he had had the righteous deedÖ

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