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Mohammad Ahmad

long Alphabetic religious verses

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Alphabetic sermonic verses

Written by:


Iraq- Mosul

A is for Allah
Allah is the Creator
He has neither son nor father.
Be careful with him! O worshipper
Perhaps to His pardon you are winner
Allah creates you in a well- picture
You may notice his virtue in each manner
To him everyday, you should be prayer
Then you should have a faithful figure
*** ** ** ***
B is for bee
To scorn from bee it is exaggerated funny
It gathers nectar from each orchard to make honey
For several diseases, it is successful remedy
You may thank Allah for His favour and His mercy
** *** **** ****
C is for Hajj-ceremony
Hajj is a well-known days every year.
Muslims go to Mecca to visit Allah-Home there.
Muslims will move around Kaaba and loudly cheer
Pilgrimage washes their sins and they will return clear
** *** **** ***

D is for Islamic doctrine
The major body of Islam is Sunna and Koran
Its most advice is to deal merciful with orphan
Prayer, Zakat, hajj, and to fast Ramadan
Not to be sinner but to do the best as you can.
*** *** *** ****
E is not to eavesdrop for others
It is the worst habit to eavesdrop into others' affair
Especially to your neighbour you may be loyal and fair
That is not Muslim morality even to his partner pair.
Then you will win others confidence everywhere.
** *** *** ****
F is to deal properly with your father and mother
Allah recommends us to be faithful with our parents
We must obey them in each order with provable intent
And for high morality with them we must not wait
Then Allah will be angry, however, we attempt
** ** ** ***
G is for Gabriel
Gabriel is the angel who accompanies our Prophet.
Cave of Hira revelation is the detectable moment
It differs between injustices and right that is current
Arab in that time worshiped idols dipping in enjoyment
*** *** **** *****
H is for hands and other organs
Allah gives human two hands and eyes
To work and see until you get demise.
These are blessing from God if we are wise
To work is better than to live idle as if debris.
*** **** **** *****
I is for ice
Allah creates ice in order to protect the temperature
If not two icy poles, Earth would have harmful nature.
Allah made Earth and skies in six days in a good architecture
If we think in His creation, we will be completely wonder
** *** *** ***
J is of jungles and plants
Allah creates jungles and forests to save wild animals
Great deal of animals lives there such as lions, tigers and cattle.
Wild shrubs, shadowy trees, and even there is trees of apple.
Allah creates precise equally system and for this He is capable.
**** *** *** ***
K is for Koran
It is the last Book of Allah descending to ground.
It teaches us moral lessons and sermons all around.
If you read it, your heart becomes calm and sound.
For its eloquent wisdom, really Muslims are proud
**** **** *** ***
L is for Arabic language
All reveals Koran to Mohammad in Arabic language.
He made that because Arab to rhetoric can manage.
But before Mohammad mission they were savage.
In poetry and prose, they have unique message.
** ** ** **
M is for medicine
Arab in medicine is famous and has upper-hand
Like al- Razi, Ibn Sina who set up hospital at Baghdad.
If someone depend on Allah never will be sad.
And his time will be generous as if fruitful orchard
** *** *** ****
M is for mercy
Allah recommends Muslims to be merciful and kind men.
He promises us that one charity is multiplied by ten.
And one grain of wheat may become seven hundred grain.
Therefore, in livelihood Muslims do not care or carry pain.
** *** *** ***
M is for Prophet Mohammad
Mohammad was born in Mecca orphan boy
He was illiterate but Allah teaches him to say:
Read in your God's name, He creates everything.
And our Prophet carries his mission from that day.
** ** *** *** ***
N is for Noah
Noah lived nine hundred and fifty years informing his nation
No one heard him but he kept with strengthen toleration.
Allah ordered Noah to build Ship and gave him indication.
He transported over it millions of different creation.
** ** ** ***
O is for oil
Allah creates oil freely in the deep layers of the ground.
Life becomes sophisticated when it was found.
Now drilling about it is worthwhile and profitable.
One barrel's price reaches more than one sixty pound.
** *** * ***
P is for paper
Everything we read now is written on smooth paper.
Sumerian letters appear looks like the Zipper.
They used to write in tablets made from clay
Many of their remnants were found in their ancient city Nippur.
*** *** **** ***
Q is for Tadmor queen
It is an ancient city northeast of Damascus
Zenobia was its Arab queen the famous
In (269) she seized Egypt and much of Asia Minor
For this reason her name still mentioning now and previous.
**** **** *****
R is for rain
Allah sends rain down because of his wide mercy.
When rain comes down plants will grow happy.
Without rain, ground will be arid land
For this virtue, we must be thankful eagerly
**** **** *** *****
S is fore sun
Allah creates sun to donate us light.
That's one of its creation might.
Without sunlight, plants never grow.
Sunray is mixed from seven colours to be white.
****** ***** ******
T is for trees
Trees give us shadow, fruits, and charm
Apples, bananas, grapes perhaps are in one farm.
That's a type of Allah's favour to refresh our souls.
However they have advantages, no one is harm.
**** ****** ***
U is for union
Allah said in Koran to be union to live safety
You may cooperate for piety and charity
That's the correct morality of Islam
Neighbour with neighbour to live brotherly.
** *** *** ** ***
V is four voices
Allah donates His creations unique multiple voice.
Each one of animals has unique voice.
For instance, wind has unique voice.
Sound differs between calm and noise
*** *** *** ***
W is for woman
Allah creates woman to be for man helper and partner.
She can be wife, mother or either sister.
Allah in Koran recommends respecting woman.
Prophet also urges us to be with her wise and easier.
*** *** ****
x is for X ray
X ray can penetrate body to discover disease
When it was discovered, maladies went to decrease.
That's one favour from Allah in general.
However, science advances, human live in ease.
** *** *** ***
Y is year
Allah made in year twelve months in for seasons.
If they are alike, nothing will live for this reason.
Therefore, Allah made them variable between cold and hot.
From each marvelous Almighty of Him we must learn lesson.
** *** *** *** ***
Z is for zoo
When we were small scholars, we visited the zoo.
We saw camel, lion, and zebra in one cage or either two.
In addition, we have seen the stroke of long beak.
And the pigeons send to our ears beautiful coo.

**** **** **** *****

part of my childhood period:

That is enough, praise is to my Allah Almighty who teaches and protects me from the childhood to my primary school (Babnet), the village now becomes under the sea which is situated in north of Mosul city, that was aftermath the dam which Saddam Hussein built it there in 1980.
Many of my memories of the childhood period went under the sea as my village went under the sea.
Still I cry and cry for that period, the beautiful period still rings in my mind, still I console my soul to remember that period in the school that was situated one day beside Tigris River which many and many times I have had barefoot walked near to it.
My friends whether boys or girls still I mention, still I keep their figures in my memory.
All of the guideposts and landmarks of the area went under the water, the water that extends to be farther than my village spots.
What shall I say then?
Curse is to whom build the dam.
Curse to whom puts its first scheme there.
Curse to whom plotted to kill my memory.
Curse to the dam that bolted our memories.
Curse to anyone stands yonder as reason.
Let the curse eat them to be never.
Let the dragon eat them even to shatter.
Only the water remains! What shall I do with water?

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