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Mohammad Ahmad

One of the Andalusian Terza Rima translated by me

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Andalusian Terza Rima

The poem belonged to a poet from the Andlusian period, I translated the poem from Arabic to English, I am quietly acquainted that this poem is not translated as a free translation, but as I heard that it was sold in the European bookshops , one of them said to me your translation is better than those...
I didn't produce the Arabic origin because I know no one here is understanding the Arabic language.

What is terza rima?

It is a poem when it is consisting from tercets, or three-line stanzas, and each stanza has itself compatible rhyme scheme differs from other stanzas.
Generally rhyme scheme of whole stanzas is:
(aba, bcb, cdc, Ö., yzy)

Rain would quench Andalusia until saturation.
Across time, Andalusia looked prosperous location.
Thy reunion was extraordinary thing seemed unattainable.
Only at sleeping or through stolen glance it can be seeable.
Time carries its different wishes toward thee willingly.
Its paintbrush draws its pictures delicately.
Groups hurry between one and two competing at race Ö
Alike invited hajjes intended pilgrim of Holey place.
While the rain makes the meadows refreshed and shiny.
Hence, the roses' visages look smiling apparently.
*Anemones would relate its story optimistically at faith.
As well as someone called (Anas) who related Hadith.
Beauty covered meadows with marked attire.
In its new dress, it gains its complete desire.
Nights concealed the secret of delicate passion.
If not shiny suns, secret would be endless hidden.

The cub's star had inclined faithfully at rejoicing.
Going on straight way, it carries auspicious ending.
A desire we had dreamed at a certain dreamy night.
Has not guilt, but passed as a glancing sight.


When we had the sociable time at that sweet night,
Dawn attacked us as guards removing our delight.
It maybe meteors were intruded through our joy.
Or it maybe we were affected by narcissus eye.
No pure soul would blame the delighted meadow
No doubt, it would be affected between so and so.
Flowers would attract strongly any wanderer's occasion.
Thoughtfully believed it was saved from any caution.
Since water tickles pebbles with its current attractively.
Hence, it is the better time for lovers' to spend time lonely.
From any annoyance, roses would be turned zealous.
Flaming up with rage, they would be furious.
Otherwise, you can see the myrtle wearing totally wisdom.
It can eavesdrop like mare's ear or nearby its maximum.
O, dwellers although you were inhabited the obsolete valley
My heart is thy permanent place formerly and latterly.
Wide space cannot endure my aching passion toward thee.
If you were close to me, I didnít care whatever it was be.
Give to me back the vow of previous passion dress.
Perhaps you can save thy lover from his distress.
Fear thy God and revive one's passionate beloved.
His soul has inclined breath after breath downward.
In his soul, he entrapped thy love at generous manner.
Do you satisfy he remains for endless prisoner?
There is approximate point about thee on his heart.
Dreamful he waited, although he was very distant.
Moon emerges from the remote west margin of the sky.
Red paint of twilight covers it but it is encircled with joy.
One's magic eye paced nearer to me as if wraith.
He enters my chest deeply instead of my breath.
He targeted his arrow toward me straightly.
My heart turns shattered and torn away ultimately.
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