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Mohammad Ahmad

Reading on Mesopotamia- written by Mohammad Ahmad

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Reading on Mesopotamia

Discussed and dialoged by

Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

Sargon enters the hall comes from distance.
Sennacherib said to him welcome.
They sat for a while.
Three Assyrian girls entered and offering them dates and curdled yoghurt.
Sennacherib: what do you think cousin, Sumerian in the south left nothing to us? The roads are closed and there is no additional to reach the south occasion.
The Indian merchants and the Chinese merchant cannot reach Ashur.
The vessels, ferries, cannot navigate on Tigris River.

Yes, cousin I know that…
I would send three battalions of the Royal Guardsmen.
But the matter we need al least seven hundred horses and if you ask all
Over the Assyrian Kingdom, you cannot gather hundred horses.
All right, all right…………. said Sargon.
But I think my son can do that…
I will send to the North to Elam to Susa the capital of their kingdom.
Do not think to approach to their border they still keep enmity for along time.
What do you counsel dear cousin?
I think Syria is the close area to Nineveh and I can send my nephew Ashurbanipal for this task, then he will pass when he returns through the western desert and will see some of Bedouins settle not more distance from the Euphrates bank.
We shall see dear, we shall see, but Elam region I think is closer.
Oh, many mountain chains you could see there and between those mountains savage people settle there.
Do you mean the Elamites?
Yes, of course those people they are very difficult to be civilized.
They do not by any means are adopting the horses but they always use the mules.
Here he is! Ashurbanipal comes…
Do you son can offer us five hundred horses from anywhere?
I think I can do if you giving me further days to be ready for this task.
After three days, Ashurbanipal sets his journey to west.
Fifteen equestrians travel with him; each one of them is armed by many olden arms such as heavy metallic armor, helmet, long javelin, and crossbow.
When they were returning, Ashurbanipal sees Gilgamesh whom the goddess Ishtar loves him too much.
What can we need more than this opportunity? Goddess Ishtar is always with us.
The men kept to rest and made big mess.
The delicious of variant hunting meat were offered.
Wild birds, wild deer, and wild antelopes everywhere can be hunting.
Can you Gilgamesh tell us about your secret journey?
Oh! Do not remind be please… it is by any means hard, hard journey it is! The legendary story told us that you kill the bull which goddess Ishtar sent to defeat you!
One of the men in faint voice said; I think Akkad forget you!
But Enkidu is your close friend…
No…No, it is created by Anu then I killed Anu. Ishtar is the killer not Anu!
Oh! Do you find the immortality yet?
He began to weep. What can I do with Immortality after my close friend died?
Enkidu… alas Enkidu star descend! My right arm, my helper!
What could I do after him? Neither Ur nor Nippur is the pleasant place to me after him.
Yes, I killed the savage bull inside the Cedar forest of Lebanon by my axe, but Enkidu stabs its eyes while the big devil guarder shout desperately. Damn! To the life which steals my close friend.
But I build the fence of Uruk as benevolent deed to witness as long as it stands.
You Gilgamesh:
Are not you now the candidate king to rule Uruk?
Are not you who refuse the marriage proposal suggested by Ishtar?
Did not you think Babylonia was threatened by Elam?
Yes, my cousin I have thought and have looked attentively in all you say, but the matter you have aroused yet it is not settled because of the communications.
Didst you see our empire also was threatened by Persian Empire?
And…. How can we unite the two empires to be one empire?
It is simple dear it is simple; Sennacherib replies to Gilgamesh.
We can extend our empire for south and you extend your empire for north then whenever the time progresses the two empires will be one.
Nevertheless, the Persian kings are more hostile and can wage the war at each moment since we have wide joint borders with them.
Through our temples Marduk, ziggurat and others we can reunion our people to be one. Sennacherib said.
Achaemenian dynasty kings who they rule now endeavor to expand their empire to reach Macedonia, Caucasus and to north of India and Persepolis is made as a capital city by Darius I.
Unless the Alexander the Great helps us, we cannot stand against their campaigns.
No, no do not think so we can make the folks who they live on adjacent regions as friends for example through relationship of marriage.
Far well, far well each one said to another.
The tow leaders and son of kings exchange gesture to each other to say goodbye while each one of them puts on his mind the plan they have discussed together.
Once more Elamites were defeated by Assyrians on the north.
However, when the king Hammurabi reaches the rule he began to state new rules and wages many campaigns and Babylonia expanded more, even he conquers on the time of Gilgamesh ruling the city Ur of Sumerian that it is located on the south and at last he was able in unifying Mesopotamia.
He used control of waterways (damming them to deny his enemies water or to create a flood by releasing them) to defeat his enemies. He also engaged in building and restoring temples, city walls, public buildings, and canals. His laws, collected in the code of Hammurabi the well- known code for nowadays.

This given study and the incident I have discussed gives us impression that Iraqi nation always try to be united in spite of vicissitudes of time.
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