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Mohammad Ahmad

Leaves of autumn - MMA - poems

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Leaves of autumn

Special poem written by

Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

O, lover who confined my way
As a faded flower, the wind blows it away
My eyes become sunken and drown deeply
Sleepless nights damage them day after day

Their caravan moved suddenly to the west
I stand by the door scratch my wrist
My elbow becomes necrosis since they leave
Sometimes I open and close my fist
* * * *
Are you friend still desperate like me?
Feel sad, cannot you see?
O, flower, how many times the nightingale perches over
Becomes dry and float away in the sea
* * *
Sixteen years I have opened my door
Waiting your vision to come across the shore
A gust of wind suddenly removes the trail
The road is muddy and the mountain is hoar
Yes, we are friend since long ago
Due to trivial thing, he becomes my foe
We neither challenge others nor betray
But he stabs me on day in the zoo
He swore and confirmed his oath
Said that he is truthful henceforth
But the betrayal snuck on him deep
Snaked and stabbed me in my prime youth
Let me tell you who is he
It is the crucial time not she
If it goes away never comes again
As if the lock which looses its key

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