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Mohammad Ahmad

Scheherazade would tell…Mohammad Ahmad- lyric peoms

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Scheherazade would tell…

MMA- lyric poems

Mosul – Iraq

Scheherazade would relate her story
Not to sultan's temper, turns worry.
The unlucky girl perhaps wishes death!
However, sultan struts in his glory…
All night Scheherazade would talk.
All her grace to Sultan would hock…
Never was she grieved thirty years
But from his scepter she tumbled and shook.
Sultan would ask her everyday question
If not answer, there is severe punition….
A clever witty girl never was she deceived.
To sultan she hides her painful emotion…
Once you saw her, you turn glad
That's the sultan wishing not to be sad….
**** crows, he says there is no dawn…
To be joyful he sells his empire yard after yard
O, sultan like any human you will die!
If your fate comes don’t say why
At death, no one will cry thee…
For monarch don’t depress or sigh.
You sultan, Allah is the real Sultan…
Allah Monarch is the grater One…
As others, your source is mud
Why do you from death turn wan?
Why does she shun the poor man?
And her bosom is free to sultan!
Life is too odd to be understood!
Luck is only for those to evil ran…
Tell me! What would you say?
If a horrible fire, you got in thy way…
Do you claim that is you?
A hundred fires were seen each day….
Sultans of now as if they were mad
For power, they have greed hand…
No graceful girl can attract them!
What can do then poor Scheherazade…?
Tell me! What right is in this life?
It is sharp as the blade of knife!
In evils, its day is equal to its night…
Ah! How could be it got relief…?
Can Scheherazade now admire the sultan?
It is odds to equal between tin and tan.
Oh! Sultan always is arrogant and careless…
Adored money perhaps he fills up his divan…
Sultan never loves people always is selfish….
Poor find nothing to eat but he eats fish…
In luxuriance, he lives in a lofty palace….
For that always he is sluggish…
Whimsical desire, he asks to win the peace
To people always he has nauseous face…
Can we cope with him despite of all his sins?
Let God then settle between us the case!
Sultan always is thirsty to blood…
How can Scheherazade excite his mood?
Let him go buried then will know!
In hell, there is no golden hood…
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