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Mohammad Ahmad

my poem today \ Mesopotamia is my country the triumphant

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Mesopotamia is my country the triumphant

Poem is poetized by


Iraq- Mosul

From its sacred water, if only I washed my eyes
Then I shall have clever sight luckily optimize…
Under its palm trees, if only I could shelter
Then I could repose there enjoying the nature
Its magic nights could tell you how the mystery is!
Otherwise, its riverbanks would tell how the joy is!
Its peoples always are generous and tolerant
They pardon the sinner unless he is arrogant.
Neither coward people they are nor criminal.
A peaceful nation when the peace sets up its panel
The glory always would greet them willingly…
Its ancient landmarks would relate a true history
A civilization prolonged for seven thousands years before…
It is credible that Iraq resembles the prehistory door…
It witnessed Babylonia and Assyria empires the well known.
In Sumer and Akkad, the good warriors were born.
Their temples still witness such as a ziggurat in Nippur…
It would greet Marduk by its cuneiform writing letter…
That's my country and I should be proud to tell…
Browny graceful desert never would be pale…

*** **** ***** ****
That's my country is the triumphant across years….
Mesopotamia it is called since the history dawn…
One day its ruler was called the king of four cardinal points
A sunny day's country wherever you go you would see
Many water sources it has its water could heal sickness.
Even there is a water source could heal the jaundice
Its ground is arable and yielding when it was plowed …
Rainy crops such as wheat and barley can be well sowed
Its petrol is streaming like the flowing blood in veins
A country itself is flower! Why do you look for flower?
Praise is to God who blesses us with these favours…
A first country that taught others reading and writing…
That's my Iraq never shall I betray or squander.
My Iraq is in my however I am sleepy or awake
Every city of it not I bargain even with a heaven.
Let me say that its purity never has been seen.
Like a virgin in her boudoir would take a nap…
Do not blame if I would say no country but Iraq.
It is between my ribs settled in a sober peace…
My Iraq is the moon others would be its sibling stars…
A people ascend the sky to be their throne…

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