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life as a kitsunian...

Moving to a new account!!!

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yes, it is i, jekan blazer, or rather, it was..
Jekan was an alias i used back before i came out as Male to Female transgender.

Im simply going to make a new account and essentially ditch this one =c...

Feel bad for doing so, but it needs to be done. Wanna start fresh as the REAL me!

Look for me! Ill be Kriana Inara! <3


  1. Kriana Inara's Avatar
    Here i am, for those who desire to seek me out <3
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Congratulations, Kriana, on a whole new you. Are you going to be visiting litnet occasionally now?
  3. Kriana Inara's Avatar
    Yes, I'm definitely back now ^_^ I plan on uploading new things ever so often too! Keep a lookout!