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Mohammad Ahmad

The very long Rubaiyat I authored 120 verses

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The very long Rubaiyat I authored :

Awake to the morning before the daybreak.
Taken away the scattered stars over plenty lake.
How odd! The hunter overtook at East surprise!
Grim came and stole the bastion of Jerusalem freak

* * * *
Before the dawn awakes the busy town
I feel as if the night murmuring on yawn
Celebrity man tries to hang his soul
Lying on the dried herbages tumbles down.

* * * *
Crowded of men happily received the day.
Hearing the muezzin, they went to pray.
Praise to God who is to souls the curative remedy.
Even some of them are harsh and dismay.

* * * * * *

Some of them before rooster crowing ask the wine.
To tavern early would go gathering from four to nine.
Negligent their religion they are oppressive men always.
Violated each holy thing, savagely they peculate each vine.

* * * *
The new world renews our old desires legally or illegally.
It removes the sadness and the grief of depressed soul widely.
Sitting beside such monastery, we look to the mocks gravely.
It is not bad nature if people treat themselves brotherly.

* * * * *

Look to the nightingale how it looks beautiful!
Chanting its songs over the trees appears cheerful.
It does not pretend the joy as amusing thing only.
Never has it had disdainful soul, or seeing dreadful.

* * * * ** ** **

Look to the tree how it is greenish and shady.
It can offer you a comfortable nap as much as easy.
Please do not disturb her if you think you are a man!
Hereinafter maybe it is the merry friend and witty.

* * * * * *
Look to yourself search about its faultiness.
Just you leave others faults you can live in calmness.
Do not be jealous man, search about your own way.
Do not be troubles maker but a good witness.

* * * * *
Days and nights are changeable once and again.
Draw back and forth unsettle as a loose chain.
If it laughs one day, do not say I am secure.
However, the ocean is large, but its source is a drop of rain.
* * * * * *
Do you women and men have asked yourselves what you have brought?
The life seemingly for you as a fashion play never have you sought.
The tyrant lives on his big palace never he knows the poverty.
Whether it is rainy or it is drought the matter for him is just thought.

* * * * *
Where are Iram orchards? Where are their castles?
What is about Jamshyd of seven-ringed cup and what is about his rattles?
What is about Nebuchadnezzar and what is about the hanging gardens?
Death swept them away whether it came naturally or through battles.

* * * * *
12 -
Where is Kaiser now? What is about his victories?
What is about Alexander the Great and his conquests?
What is about the Prophets and their Companions?
Nothing will remain only the face of holy God and thy remnants.

* * * * *
Babylon and Sumer one day had wide ancient Iraqi civilization.
Overthrown by Tatar or Mongol neither land remained nor nation.
Usually we pass beside their ruins do not learn the lesson.
As well as many states in North established such as Assyria location.
* * * * * * * *
If they decide to travel, can we stop against their fate?
Kings such as Hammurabi or Sargon or others who came late.
Still their ruins witnessed their splendor and their loftiness.
Do not forget you readers their lines written on pottery still yet.

* * * * *

Come in with me to tour between bygone ancient years.
Asking the history, do you have shed any tears?
It is the tune of time plays whenever it wants.
Denying this one or exiling that without mercy or peace.

* * * * *
Come with me to choose the wilderness as a harbour.
So that we can we forget our pains and our labour.
Live lonely in vacant desert, make the sky to you a shelter
We eavesdropped to the whispering of silence or its murmur.
* * * * * *
Hence, we can get rid of terrible people forever.
Drinking our cups peacefully lest not we suffer.
Wilderness is a cordial friend does not cost you penny.
Come on! Do not wait the train of life will not come after
* * * * * *
Come on! To smell the beauty of rose that grew lonely.
Midst the desert between the thorns spreads its scent freely.
As if the mouth of the small maiden it appears blushfully.
Fresh without water only a few drops of dew touch its cheek softly.

* * * * *
Where are our grandfathers? Where are the kings?
Buried down never can they reply or can lift a wing.
The Sleepiness covers them on adjacent tombs.
As if they drowned on a big sea cannot fling.

* * * * *
Come in! To rest under shady tree and greenish.
Far away we sat distantly from envious and raffish.
The calmness is the best remedy for souls and bodies.
Be quiet dear, our foe ears can enmesh.
* * * * *
Hastily come do not wait the time passes vainly.
Winter is over and the spring buds bloom widely.
Between the roses, we can nap for a while.
Chant and rejoice out of jealous eyes happily.

* * * *
Forgotten the poverty, forgotten the sorrow.
Thus, we can live on our remembrance for tomorrow.
With your quick-witted glance, keep away my grief.
Some of people are ill tempered as torero.

* * * * *
Look to this battered Caravanserai vacant of dwellers.
One day its door was opened to many visitors.
It is being worn out by the vicissitudes of time.
Its divan was shut out unable to receive narrators.
* * * * * *
Look to yourself poor-man before you age approaches to its end.
The life does not sorrow to someone and it is going ahead.
Hatred and offensive temper will not serve you.
Repent from your sins quickly before in tomb you laid.

* * * *

The doomsday will come either it comes sooner or it comes later.
Be ready to the journey do not scorn the matter.
Be ready and wash your sins before the doomsday approaches.
However, you are white; the torture will be lesser.

* * * * *
Arabs have said we are believers but they still do not believe yet.
Some of them fought hypocritically with the Prophet on that Date.
Arabs are the most Muslims on the Earth but till now are ununited.
But the experienced and shiny Muslims leaders we do not forget.

* * * * *
Abu- Bakr, Umar, Othman, and Ali are the Companions of Prophet.
Blessing of God upon them all, they are truthful men of a good habit.
I love them all in the same manner without any partiality.
They are the banners of Islam as far as Islam shall persist.
* * * * *
We must remember also the unsheathed sword Khalid.
The Islamic champion who never has been challenged.
In Battles al-Yarmuk, he battled against thirteen thousand warriors.
Returned to Mecca triumphant and his foe was trampled.
* * * * * *
You Muslims must remember thy ancestors the honest men.
Those who fought against religion either by sword or pen.
As you pray or as you work on farms, factories, or everywhere.
May God pleased upon them as much as the heavy rain.
* * * * *
The writer of these verses is Mohammad the asker of God Mercy.
He welcomes you men and women from Iraq to New Jersey.
I shall be the poet who you read his poems everyday
Whether it is bad poem or good, you can reply!
* * * * *
TAMAM SHOULD Praise is to Allah

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