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Mohammad Ahmad

20 proverbs of mine

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1- Eat as you like but wear as others like.
2- If you want to be obeyed, ask what could be played.
3- They asked the mule, who is your father? The mule answered my uncle is the horse.
4- Whatever you like is never you dislike.
5- Regard the possible and the impossible will regard thee.
6- Respect the dog for the sake of its owner.
7- If the stones are dollars, dogs worth nothing.
8- Do as possible as you can, and do not ask the weather.
9- Take it easy, the troubles never will be frizzy.
10- Hundred drops, no enemy hopes.
11- They asked Napoleon one day what is your dream after invading the earth; he replied I think how to invade the space.
12- Do not cry over split milk. (this often is used in English)
13- Away from sight is away from heart
14- = Who is far away from your eyes, never will you remember.
15- Red fils supports thee in blue day.
16- If you hard your donkey, never can you continue the road.
17- Look to the moon by two eyes and to the sky by one eye.
18- Ask about the friend, before you dwell the new house.
19- One sparrow in the hand is better than ten flying sparrows.
20- If the hopes are horses, beggars soon will ride.

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