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Life in a small town.


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The new pup, Gwen, has arrived. The house is a tip and has a slightly unpleasent fragrance, we are tired due to the howling in the night. However, I think it is important that she lives in the house for a week or two so she knows she belongs.

I can just about get the sheep jobs done with Meg but she'll only ever be a stop gap and then a yard dog - I just can't trust her - she sets off to round up some sheep and I can't be sure she'll come back -or stop when she needs to. She won't keep connected to me while working and her work has a kind of desperate single minded quality about it - she could be the only sheepdog I've ever known who hates her job.

Nelly has reached her peak of skilled sheep doggyness, but she can't sustain it for very long before those painful hips kick in and slow her down. The sheep are beginning to realize this and are planning some anarchy.


  1. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    I don't do your work, but I have sympathy. Breaking in a new batch of kindergarteners every year is just as nerve racking. Good luck with the puppy!
  2. Helga's Avatar
    hope the new pup will work out well! sorry about Nelly though, my oldie is 12 years old today and he can't take a walk unless free in a soft field, the pavement just kills and his arthritis gets bad.

    Sad that Nelly wants to work but can't, my boy doesn't want to work or do anything really so he is living a life of luxury, hope she'll get used to it.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    Would love to see a picture of the pup. Sadly my dog is having a relapse of the liver problem she had a year and a half ago. I blogged about it if anyone wants to find it. Vet has a suspicion and we'll have to see if she's right. I guess I'll eventually blog about it.

    Sorry to get off topic. Good luck with all three of the dogs.