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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Peace, Love and Stability in Marriage - Piousness

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Peace be on you....Righteousness (avoiding forbidden and doing what is allowed) is the most important aspect sought in marriage in Islam. When it is overlooked and other aspects like wealth, name or beauty are given the priority, cracks start to appear in this relation.

Check-less freedom also play its role in destroying relations.

Virtues should be continued and next generation should be pious. Allah says: “And let every soul look to what it sends forth for the morrow…..” [Holy Quran ch59: v19]. Parents are asked to raise children in such manner that they excel in goodness and pray for parents’ exaltation in the life to come. Such results can only be found if start of marriage is based on righteousness. This is achievable if believeing men and women are pious and seek pious life companions for marriage.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifah reminds his Jama'at (Community) from Australia, through MTAi, that they should not be impressed by the shine of worldly life. They should give precedence to their faith and make regular self reviews. They should be particular in five daily Prayes with full attention and other commandments. He asked them they should not dissolve marriages very early, claiming lack of understanding.

Avoid watching morally corrupt movies. Dress with modesty. These issues have very strong negative impact on peaceful domestic and external life.

Marriage is an institution which is to bring love, peace of mind and heart and piousness which should help believer in their struggle to gain nearness of Allah. To have nearness of Allah is the very purpose of coming of Promised Messiah who came for the revival of faith in these times of chaos.

Holy Khalifah mentioned several examples how Allah is guiding people. One example is following.
The late father of a woman in Yemen was a religious scholar. He told the daughter that signs of coming of Imam Mahdi (Promised reformer) were fulfilled. If the holy reformer appears after him, she should accept him. She asked, how he would appear? He said that he would appear by Television…….. After he passed away, one day she was searching television channels, she found muslim television ahmadiyya ( , MTAi - MTA3 Al Arabiyya), she was delighted. She seeked Allah’s guidance by offering ‘Istikhara’ Prayer. She was guided. She and her mother accepted Promised Messiah – the Imam Mahdi(on whom be peace).

Based on Ahmadiyya Khalifah's address to ladies in Australia.

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