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Memories of the 28th Century

Civil Disobedience against Prohibition

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I am not advocating the use of any illegal substance, but I do not believe that there should be any illegal substances, certainly not in a supposedly free society. There are fairly good rationales for the existences of some laws that are supposedly intended to save people from themselves, but I question whether it is the business of government to save people from themselves. I realize that there are individuals who are incapable of caring for them, and some laws are intended to protect such people from themselves, but wouldnít it be better to actually protect those who need protection, rather than restricting people who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Isnít the idea that one knows better how others should live a symptom of a mental illness?

I know perfectly well that I donít know how others should live their lives, because their genetic make-ups are different, and what is good for one is not always good for others. There are some people who seem to want to drink themselves to death, and some who seem to have succeeded, regardless of the restrictions. Should my access to alcohol be reduced to make it more difficult for those people? I can see reasons for such restrictions, but in the end those restrictions are doomed to failure; although they may put off the inevitable. Similarly, the bans on the sales and use of hallucinogenic drugs, opiates, and other recreational substances are doomed to failure.

As civil disobedience against such laws and as a demonstration of the ineffectuality of restrictions on LSD and its precursors, I will provide instructions for making LSD from the basic materials. I am not an expert in organic chemistry, so I will post links to other sites and provide some commentary, and I greatly thank the people who have created and maintain some of the sites, especially I considered other drugs, but LSD is excellent for civil disobedience, and it is safe and non-deadly. Marijuana would have also fit those characteristics, but it is very easy to grow. If you are interested in home production of other drugs, then I encourage you to search for information and follow your interest.

This first link is Chapter 7 of Psychedelic Chemistry by Michael Valentine Smith. It contains most of what one might want to know about making LSD from ergot or ergot extracts. The whole book appears to be good and useful.

The next link is to the LSD index page of, which is an excellent source for matters regarding drugs.
Growing ergot and extracting

Growing ergot
Extracting relevant chemicals from ergot
Converting the extracts to lysergic acid; convert to the correct isomer, etc.
Convert to lysergic acid diethylamide This is Hofmannís parent.
I believe that the complete conversion of raw materials to LSD is covered in the Between Chapter 7 link and in the patent. If you are starting from ergot, then the initial extraction information is included in that link.

From what I have noticed it seems that typical dose size has decreased greatly over the decades. The typical tablet of LSD contained from 200 to 500 micrograms in the 1960ís, but recently tested acid shows doses of less than 100 micrograms. This might have been a marketing ploy designed to get people to use several doses, but, considering that some acid is as low as 50 micrograms, it appears that people have been taking smaller doses.

If you are careful and make a large batch, then you may be able to make a considerable amount of money. By starting with a natural material, ergot, you will not be as likely to be noticed by the DEA or some other police agency. Many of the chemicals produced along the way from raw ergot to LSD are also included as the prohibitions as precursors.

LSD is much safer than most drugs. There is only one confirmed death from an overdose. Someone injected a large amount in the mistaken belief that it was Meth. The exact dose is unknown, but it thought to have been about one thousand times the normal dosage. While there have been comments about LSD causing long term mental problems, investigations have shown that those problems preexisted the experience with LSD. I will admit that I have not yet followed these directions to make LSD (or made LSD in any other way), but I believe that all of the information is accurate and can lead to success. And this is a more appropriate form of civil disobedience than some other things might be.