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Hamlet for kids and a crazy parent

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Like usual I am writing on a Saturday morning when my son is with his dad and I am alone thinking about my crazy head and wondering what is wrong with me, or what isn't, I think that is an easier question.

I seriously think I need some therapy at times. I can't handle people. As much as I love school and I have made great friends there sometimes it's just to much. Like this week that is passing was a very difficult one for me. On Tuesday I was just fed up with people and I was going crazy sitting in a classroom. On Monday there was an annoying meeting in the neighborhood about the parking lot and stuff that needs to be done there. I make it a point not to know my neighbors and now I have been forced into some meeting thing to talk about something I don't care about. Owning an apartment in human society forces you to take part in that society. I asked my brother to sit over my son while I was on that meeting I didn't talk at all these 40 minuets I sat there and when I got home my brother didn't leave for about an hour. I was just sick of people and wanted peace.

Then at school I had a long day and my son came home just before 5 and I was still about 30 minuets away by bus so I was on the phone with almost the whole time cause he just didn't want to be alone. This will happen twice I think this semester and I guess I need to be prepared to be on the phone the whole time. It took every fiber of my being to go to school on Wednesday and Thursday. But I am off on Fridays so that was good.

Moments like these or in this case a week, make me wonder if I could handle a relationship, oh I am going on about that again. I freak out when I am around people to much and this weekend is my 'get my head in order' time.

My son is the most interesting person I have ever known.There was a concert at his school yesterday, he and his classmates learned a few rhythms and sang some blues and different music,wrote a song and it was great. The teachers want them to make a few moves while singing and most of the boys were rather stiff but my boy just danced like crazy. One parent came to me after the concert and commented on his great dance moves. It was very funny, he just loves this but I don't dance, never!
I think I mentioned this somewhere but the other day he held a balloon in his hand, stared at it and said in perfect English 'To be or not to be, that is the question' me and my brother just stared at him. I had told him about Hamlet weeks ago cause next spring there will be a play about Hamlet for kids here on the ice. Einstein said that if you can't explain it to a six year old you don't understand it, so that is my motto, if I can't explain books and theories to my son I don't understand them. I actually said this in class once, in a group discussion and the teacher heard me and found it very funny. Then later in a class when I couldn't make it he said this to the whole class, my name and everything that I tell my six year old about structuralism and modernism and all that, I was happy to be home that day!

I am meeting the teacher who will work with me on my BA thesis next Monday and I'm kinda nervous about it. My brother knows how badly I can take criticism so he has prepared me a lot by saying that they sometimes tear apart what you have brought to them, but often they do know what they are saying and I should just go home and think about it before I react. I have so much work to do for all my classes this weekend it kinda makes me just wanna sit down and watch tv... But I'm not gonna do that.

I am gonna hide inside my house 'till Monday and study so have the mental capacity to meet this teacher on Monday.

so to the books I go.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    LOL, you're son is great. That gave me a laugh. How old is he? I forgot. Good luck with your teacher. And don't be so hard on yourself. We all have some sort of issues. Every single one of us.
  2. hannah_arendt's Avatar
    You have great child I ma sure that with your BA everything will be ok What do you study?
  3. Helga's Avatar
    my son is 7 years old since May, but I sometimes think he's 70. I am studying literature, I'll hopefully get my BA next Spring and can continue and get an MA too.
  4. hannah_arendt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Helga
    my son is 7 years old since May, but I sometimes think he's 70. I am studying literature, I'll hopefully get my BA next Spring and can continue and get an MA too.
    I am doing my Ma in English now (I finish this year). I have already done my MA in polish philology. You have very wise son
  5. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    Does it amaze you, that we as parents can be so crazy, yet have such great kids? He sounds so awesome!