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poor little me

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My son is with his dad again, his dad asked if we could switch weekends so he could go to some birthday party next weekend, I agreed happily cause I just got a whole lot of work dumped on me. I met the teacher who will be working with me on my BA, or going over my work is more accurate. She was great, she loved my idea and saw no flaws in the 5 pages I had already sent her with a description of what I wanted to do. She only said what I knew she would say that I had to choice two or three of the films I had watched. I wanted to watch all the films I could find on Beowulf and have a description of Grendel in all of them and then get her advice. She was so interested in the sci-fi movie, so am I so I was very happy about that.

She asked for 15 pages next month of my analysis, no theories or stuff like that just from me. I was so happy that she is so interested in it. Then I got a project from my course 'the body in literature', I had to pick a book, any book and then she said we are supposed to write down 10 pages from that book and change the gender of the main character! and then write an analysis of how that changes the book and if it works. I had written down Praxis so it turned into a 'it was hard to be gay, but I changed that' book in stead of women rights. I also have an essay to write in horror studies about a movie I have never seen. I hadn't seen any of the movies on the list my teacher sent out so I just chose one that sounded interesting.

Anyway, it turned out that almost the minuet my son left on Friday I got sick. I was half unconscious all day yesterday so I didn't do anything. But I am better now, just not gonna over work today cause I have to go to school tomorrow. My friends are all very unhappy at school now, our horror studies teacher is no good. I usually teaches film studies so his sense of literature is restricted to telling us whether the book was written in the first person or not. or if it was a letter or a diary or not. That is not exactly what we wanted to go through in class... I am also taking Spanish literature because I just love the teacher, I have taken every course she has taught because she is just a great teacher. My friends don't like her as much so they took some other class and they now hate the teacher and the class. This is probably my best year (so far) and their worst.

I am drinking a lot of coffee right now to get myself going a bit, I had a headache yesterday all day probably because I had no coffee all day. I am not gonna work to much today but I have to do something.


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    What are some of the movies on your horror studies list? I'm not really into horror, but I am curious about what movies they've included.

    I'm sorry you were sick Helga, and I'm glad your feeling better today! And that your sessions with your mentor (?) are going well!
  2. Helga's Avatar
    well this is the list I got and Im thinking about taking 'The Phantom Carriage'

    Der Golem
    Körkarlen/The Phantom Carriage
    The Mummy
    I Walked with a Zombie
    The Curse of Frankenstein
    The Haunting
    Vargtimmen/Hour of the Wolf
    Profondo Rosso/Deep Red
    Le locataire/The Tenant
    Altered States
    Ju-on/The Grudge
    Janghwa, Hongryeon/A Tale of Two Sisters
    El orfanato/The Orphanage

    I have wondered a lot how to translate the word we use for the teacher working with me, a straight translation would be guide, but I don't know if that's accurate enough...
  3. qimissung's Avatar
    Interesting list. When they say The Haunting, do they mean the 1963 movie starring Julie Harris and Claire Bloom? It's considered a classic, I believe. I like it, anyway. It's based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson which is really good.
  4. Helga's Avatar
    yes its that one, picking a movie that is based on a book is my only chance to get some literature into this essay so that is my plan. The Phantom Carriage is based on a Swedish book, that is why I am thinking about that one.
  5. free's Avatar
    Good idea, Helga, to attend the lectures because you like the teacher. I have never heard of it before, but I like it.

    I wish you good health.