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Life in a small town.

More Meg

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Things have settled down with Meg, Mainly because I have resigned myself to the long haul, abandoning all her previous training and starting afresh - as though she is new to sheep doggery. We're getting along fine and we are completing tasks together. I am working on the principle that REAL work is the best training, so I take her out on her own and we round some sheep up, it often goes a bit wrong, and usually takes longer than it should, but I don't bring Nelly along so we HAVE to manage, and in the end I find we do. Training a new sheepdog is as much about the dog training the handler as the handler training the dog I think.

Nelly's legs have got worse, although she is keen as ever, after a days work she can hardly walk and that has been the spur for me to persevere with Meg. I admit I was ready to send her back several times but I was out of options. Nelly has gone onto painkillers and will probably need them long term.

And now the latest. Just as I have decided to keep Meg, along comes the offer of a free well bred pup. I went to see the litter last night, and I don't think I can resist.


  1. Helga's Avatar
    Do you prefer female dogs? if you get a pup will that be a little lady?

    Sorry Nelly is feeling bad, how old is she? my soon to be 12 year old has a shoulder problem and if I take him on walks I need to give him painkillers soon after we get home and even for a day or two. He is of course not a working dog so it's not as bad as your girl must be.
  2. prendrelemick's Avatar
    I always get lady dogs - once you've got one, a male dog would cause problems. Nelly is 11, so she doesn't do so bad.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    "Training a new sheepdog is as much about the dog training the handler as the handler training the dog I think."

    LOL, I've said that many times myself, especially when someone who doesn't have a clue about raising dogs complains about the lack of training his dog has.

    Sorry about Nelly as well. My dog also has arthritis and really should be on something. But she has liver issues that nearly killed her last year (I blogged about it here, if you anyone wants to go back in my blog history) that prevents her from such meds.We give her Glucosimine and that has helped somewhat.

    A new pup and free! How can you resist? I couldn't.
  4. Helga's Avatar
    want to try a female someday, maybe my next dog will be a little lady.

    you know, my dog Spock has had arthritis for years now (he was very overweight a few years ago) I tried a lot of unusual methods for him. Chinese incense for arthritis patients and a salt lamp that has proved good and I put oil on his food. Of course these are methods I have just read about but he rarely needs painkillers...