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little old nervous me again

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I sent a teacher at school an e-mail this morning asking her to work with me on my BA next semester. I was kinda hoping for a late reply from her saying 'sure read this and that' then we'll talk before Christmas. No she replied within the hour saying 'YES' and 'write 4 pages and form a question and description and we'll meet next month'.

That kinda just threw me out of the triangle I live in and into the deep blue sea.

This teacher is kinda pioneering in many ways. She wrote a book about science fiction and she teaches courses on that and graphic novels. She is often quoted on the radio and her brother is a popular artist here on the ice. I have admired her for along time and all this kinda makes me nervous. Maybe I am making to much of this, it's just that when I meet new people I tend to stammer a bit and even say things I don't want to say or just speak incorrectly.

My brother told me to just write down everything I can think of about the subject and then work from that. I'm gonna try.

I can't climb back into my triangle now, unless I manage to take this with me and feel comfortable with all this. I think that will happen in time but at the moment I am sinking.


  1. cafolini's Avatar
    There is no resurfacing without sinking. Wish you the best. Good stuff. Hope every thing goes well.
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Yikes, that would make me nervous, too, but it's very cool that she's so interested and not just doing a half-a***** job of it. You will do well, I know, Helga.