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It's getting darker every day, finally. Winter is coming.

My stepdad celebrated his birthday last night, he turned 60 this summer. He has nice kids (they are closely related to me) but they are kinda loud. Also they have tried to convince me that 50 shades of gray is a great work of literature, and they are all teachers! Anyways I went home a bit early because I just can't be around people for too long. I came early to help them get ready for such a big dinner and at 9 I was just done and went home, my son was not very happy about it but agreed.

My brother was playing at a concert last Friday so I went to see him and after it my son went to spend the night with his dad so I had a drink with my brother and his friends. One girl is a total drama queen and kept talking about some boy she likes and about her sex life! I was just sitting there feeling like I was transported into sex and the city.

This was just too much for one weekend.

Right now I am sitting in my kitchen and drinking coffee listening to the radio and my son is watching cartoons in the living room. I wish I didn't have to leave the house today, could just stay inside and read or just do nothing.

One of my biggest problems with meeting a lot of people is it makes sleep hard to find and when I do fall asleep I usually get a lot of unsettling dreams. So this weekend hasn't been very good.

My son started school again last Friday. He walked home by himself and was very very proud! He is gonna do that a bit this winter. I'll start school in a week and I am really looking forward to it! I am planning a lot about my B.A thesis too, I am wondering about a few books I don't know if I'll need. Maybe I am just looking for an excuse to buy them... One is really expensive...

I went through my bookcase on Friday, that is probably the most fun I had this weekend. I love going through my books and rearranging them. Also I have so many now I am kinda having a problem finding room for them. I don't have room for another bookcase so I might have to continue putting shelves on the walls around the room. Or move to bigger apartment...

Well I'm gonna go read something.


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    I don't like loud parties. If they are all just doing a lot of talking that's OK. Also, I'm sure that whole 50 Shades thing must have been annoying. It might be a good read (for some), but let's not confuse it with literature!
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Reading is way better than raucous parties. I guess I'm becoming an old fart but they don't do anything for me either.