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Back on the ice

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I am back home on the ice now after a few days on English ground. It was a wonderful trip and I would love to be able to visit more places in the UK. One thing I did realize during my trip, people on the ice have more (need for) personal space. There are fewer of us and the streets aren't crowded, only the malls on weekends. You hardly ever bump into other people.I felt like I was in the way everywhere I walked. Also the houses are closer together and (I am referring to the places we saw from the train between Gatwick and Brighton) small but on many floors. Here we want as much distance between houses as we can get. I guess it's because the towns here are smaller and not that many people compared to the UK.

We went for breakfast everyday in a wonderful cafe and the guy who owned it was very sweet and asked us to give him a review on tripadvisor. I did that yesterday, he said he only had two so he'll get higher on the list hopefully...

I visited London for a couple of hours too and went shopping in Forbidden Planet, now that was crowded but I loved it. I spent so much money there it's embarrassing.

My son was so happy to get me home that he has been almost glued to my hip ever since. I was very happy to see him and on the plane coming home I was getting anxious. He is very happy with the Doctor I bought him and he has been playing with it constantly. I got myself an Adipose and a weeping angel.

My dogs were happy to see me too, I think, they have been alone a lot these days. I was very fascinated with the dog culture in Brighton. They were in most shops and even restaurants, many were off leash and didn't bother anyone. This is very rare on the ice and rules about animals are many and people don't often take dogs into public places.

Life now goes by as it did and my son will start school next week and I'll start in September. I have a lot to do this semester and I want to start working on my BA, at least get prepared.

I am looking forward to winter and normal routines with school. I am gonna enjoy these few days we have on holiday before my son starts school. I am just so happy that I don't have to work anymore, I was very tired of these girls I was working with and I just want to find something next summer that is closer to my interest and school... wouldn't that be nice.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    They allow dogs into restaurants? I love dogs but that doesn't strike me as a good idea. Glad you had a good trip.
  2. hannah_arendt's Avatar
    Nice to hear that you enjoyed your time in UK
  3. Helga's Avatar
    Some restaurants, not all of course but more often than once a dog walked passed us while eating. It's probably the smaller 'neighborhood' places