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Now is Gay pride week here on the ice, it's not just a day anymore it's a whole week. It is great to see all the shops in the main shopping street with a rainbow flag in their window and this is a real family holiday here. The national museum has a show about gay history here on the ice I plan to check out. Radio shows and interviews with planners, it's great. There are no gay people in my family for some reason and I only have one gay friend and she moved to another country to be with her wife so my son really never sees same sex couples. This bugged me a bit for some reason so I talk about my one friend regularly just to make sure he grows up knowing this is just as normal as anything else.

My son is a big nerd and even though he is just 7 years old he watches commentary and extra stuff on every dvd. He also asks me to show him actors on IMdB and he loves Neil Patrick Harris cause he is Dr Horrible, he loves the evil doctor, I am more of a Hammer girl.

Anyway all this talk this week about equality and being who we are and all that got me thinking. I get a lot of comments about who I am and what I'm like (I think I'm fairly normal) people find it OK to comment on me because of my situation as a single mother (who needs help and advice) and I am not a minority of any sort. I am average in ever sense of the word, height, weight, shoe size and even breast size, white and normal. Why is it OK to comment on my looks and situation in any way, positive or negative? I think it's the positive that bugs me more though.

My neighbor told me yesterday that he thinks the trampoline in my garden is ugly and he hates having to see it from his garden. I was so incredibly hurt, he wouldn't have said this to a man. He has always had strong opinions about my garden and I have never listened. This really hurt me and I told him that it took my son 6 months and all his birthday money to get enough to buy this trampoline and he loves it. He said that I should sell it when he gets sick of it cause kids get sick of them pretty soon. I was just so shocked and said that it will be for at least two summers before he gets sick of it or it's ruined. I can't believe the nerve of some people!

I just don't like people, I tolerate them, up to a point but no more. One thing did brighten my spirit a bit last night, I ordered dog food and got it delivered last night, a really cute guy who likes dogs brought it. I think I'll order dog food every week from now on, maybe buy smaller bags...

I am going to UK in a couple of days and my mom will be here with all three boys, I am not as excited as I was hoping to be for some reason. I have a problem talking to people and doing it in English bugs me a bit. I know I can speak English very well I just get nervous talking (in Icelandic too) and can't get the words out and I certainly can't look people in the eye. If I do talk to people I spend hours afterwords thinking about what I said and if I said or did something stupid. I think about it so much I don't remember what the original version of the conversation was... I need help!

Life is just too complicated for me!

I'm gonna do something wise with my time now and clean or some mindless chore.

P.S. Hey I am addicted to David Brent teaching guitar on youtube now and his video 'Equality Street' is a favorite at the moment, and very fitting this week I think (in a very unfitting way):


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    My sister took her kids who are currently 7 and 4 years old to a Gay Rights protest against banning gay marriage. One year me and my sister went to this very strange, and interesting performing arts piece. I cannot remember now what it was called but it had a very odd name which is what first intrigued us, but it was about womanhood, and sexuality, and a lot of the women involved in it were lesbians.