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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Ramadhan - Uphold Just and Fair Dealing

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Peace be on you. For a believer, Ramadhan has deep link with Holy Quran. Ramadhan's Fasting for the sake of God must be coupled with correct faith about God and human dealing in accordance with the commandments of God. In this regard, some of the basic directives are mentioned from Holy Quran, chapter 6, verses 152 to 154, as gist:

= Do not make partners, in any sense, with God.

= Well behave with parents; misbehavior is prohibited.

= Do not kill children due to fear of lack of provion.

= Avoid covert and overt indecency; even do not go near it.

= Do not take life that God has made sacred, save by right.

= Do not go near the assets of orphan.

= Do not waste away orphans’ assets fearing they reach adulthood; do not make excuses in this matter.

= Be just is meaures and weights.

= Be just in all circumstances; no nearness with someone or relationship should hinder you from doing justice.

= Fulfill your promises.

= Try to remain on straight path under all circumstances.

The promised Messiah Mahdi (on whome be peace) said:
‘The objective of the Holy Qur’an was to turn savage state into humanness and then through good manners make people civilised so that matters could be resolved within the prescribed limits and directives and then turn them into godly people.’

Reference: Full Analysis with respect to contemporary society, by By blessed Ahmadiyya Khalifah, Friday sermon, 26 July 2013,