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No, not my coffee

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Still hot on the ice and I made some disgusting dog icecubes yesterday (not out of my dogs but for them). My dogs have a very thick fur, both are double coated so the 20c yesterday was difficult for all of us. I gave them frozen apples and the I put water with something in it they like in the freezer for the next few days. I have no idea what it's called in English but it's just fatty acids from fish I buy it for all three boys, My son drinks a sip every morning and I pour a bit over the dog food. I combined it with water and put it in the freezer, disgusting but they love it.

Apparently there is a direct link with my coffee consumption and my heat intolerance. My mom can't drink coffee without sweating so she cut it down a lot. I can't get myself to do that since coffee and tea are my favorite beverages. I'll rather keep the coffee and get shorter shorts. And complain of course, it has become such a big part of my summer I can't really stop now can I?

I am reading Beowulf now, again. Making notes and comments for my BA. I am also reading Praxis, never read that before and I had decided to take it with me to Brighton but I am gonna read a bit before I go. I had no idea it takes place in Brighton, just on the first page it's mentioned, funny.

I am really enjoying Beowulf and since my son is with his dad I have been reading a lot these past few days. I sit at 'my' cafe and read and write. that is one of few places here that has air conditioning so I really like it.

Last night it rained a bit and it's cloudy today so I am hoping for a bit more cold than has been. I got an extra shift yesterday so I had to go into work for 5 hours or so, it was good to get out of the house and to have something to do. When I got home the dogs were just burning up inside the house so they were out in a shade for the rest of the day.

Spock has recovered completely now so I am very happy about that, it really scared me cause for the first time I felt like I had a very old dog. It wasn't in the plan that he would grow old and sick, he was gonna be my pup forever. Apparently that is not gonna happen but he is healthy now and not fat (for the first time since he was a puppy) so he hopefully has 2 more years in him.

I have to work a bit this week, I really can't stand the girls I work with. Most of them are around 20 and don't do anything except drink and party every weekend. I don't really care about that it's just, this sounds a bit childish but they ask me questions like what I did last night and what I'm reading right now and then they laugh at my answers cause they think I'm so weird. I mentioned drinking tea and that is apparently something only old people do. I was reading for school a few books and that was just plain stupid to spend the summer reading for school! This summer it has kinda been work for 8 hours when my son is with his dad and when I get home I can't even talk to my family on the phone cause I am just so sick of people and just want to be alone and in peace. I have never before needed alone time like this. I would call my mom the minuet I got home so it would be done and I could be alone.

My son keeps asking me for a stepdad, he really really wants one. No idea why, when he went to his dad over a week ago he told me that he was gonna miss me and if he had a stepdad he would miss him too. I sometimes think I have a very weird but wonderful kid! Is this Oedipus in reverse or something? Anyway he finds it unfair that he has a mom, a dad, a stepmom but no stepdad.

Life isn't always fair


  1. qimissung's Avatar
    I used to get my dogs haircuts in the summer. Of course summer is a little longer here, so it had time to grow out before it got cold. The doggy ice cubes are a good idea (I keep imagining an ice cube where a single doggy eye is looking up at me soulfully, as if a dog had been frozen inside and when thawed would spring out, fully formed, like Athena).

    Iced coffee, maybe?

    Your son is hilarious and awesome. I guess he likes symmetry, hehe. Tell him, oh well, that's life. Sometimes you get a stepdad, and sometimes you don't.

    Ugh. I hate your co-workers, too. I'd call them a name, but "being a Christian woman (not really,though), I can't say it" as Auntie Em said in "The Wizard of Oz." Here's something my son used to do (a lot). If you said something to him, he'd repeat it back, like a question. I did it with my students, to good effect. They thought it was funny. Just say "The back of my Froot Loops box," when they ask. Then if they persist, say "I'm not a reader. YOU'RE a reader." Now that's good and childish.

    Have fun reading. I'm reading a book called "The Weird Sisters." It's pretty light, but quite enjoyable.
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Those are not good co-workers. I wouldn't like them either. Glad to hear Spock has recovered.