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ice where are you? I am hot

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I am a total wimp when it comes to heat! it's 10c here and it's killing me, no sun or anything just still and hot. I am not looking forward to going to London and Brighton in August!! It will kill me.

Right now I am sitting at my favorite cafe in my town and drinking a delicious Guatemalan cup enjoying the quiet and the cold air in here.

Well life on the ice along as it should, rain and more rain. My son left for his vacation with his dad on Friday and I won't see him 'till August 14th. I am OK still, just been 3 days but the worst part is I can't get any work this week so I am kinda just hanging out. Right now I am delaying my gardening chores. I really need to mow the lawn but I really hate doing it so I am sitting at a cafe instead.

My friend is trying to get me a ticket to a concert this week with two of her friends, it is really freaking me out. I have such a problem with crowds if I don't have anyone close to me with me and a drive home. I will go if she gets a ticket but I have excuses ready for any situation.

My dog is getting better, he is still on antibiotics and will be for 3 more days but he seems to be doing his number 2s as normal so I am very happy about that.

Well gonna get back to my book... I'm having a huge problem getting through the shining. not the best book I have read.


  1. PeterL's Avatar
    Is it really 10C? That isn't all that hot by most human standards.
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Isn't 10Celsius translate to 50 degrees F? That's cold here, hehe. 70's fairly comfortable. Right now it's 36C here.

    Also, I loved The Shining. I read it many years ago. It's not great literature, obviously, but I thought Steven King did a good job of creating a suspenseful atmosphere. I never re-read it, though. And yes, I like the movie, too. And it's big, too, gah. Hope you are able to plow through it quickly and get to something you enjoy more. I've gotta read some books I'm not too keen on, so I know the feeling.
  3. Helga's Avatar
    Well, during winter we get around 1-6, sometimes a bit more but there is usually wind, cold wind. I am usually barefoot in any weather to keep cool. but it was probably closer to 13 today at least when the sun got through. I don't know why heat just kills me.
  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Like I mentioned on your last post, it was in the high 30's with a lot of humidity here last week. It was brutal.
  5. qimissung's Avatar
    I could wish that it was at least 10 degrees cooler. That would be awesome. At least I have decent air conditioning this year. Last year my house was hot to. It was not a fun summer in that respect.

    I would not enjoy a tremendously cold winter, either. Like Goldilocks, I like the temperature to be "just right." I get a headache if it's too hot, and extreme cold wears my body out trying to get warm. It's kind of a pain, really.

    Hope it cools off for you, Helga.
  6. Helga's Avatar
    I don't think anyone on the ice has air conditioning. You just turn off the ovens during the summer and on at winter. Today is actually hotter than yesterday and it will get hotter over the week so get ready to hear me complain!
  7. PeterL's Avatar
    Are you on Greenland? If so, are the glaciers still retreating to show walls and such that were built 1000 years ago?
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    Peter, she lives in Iceland. That's why she always refers to home as on the ice.
  9. PeterL's Avatar
    Oh, I thought that Iceland was fairly comfortable.
  10. Helga's Avatar
    well most inhabitants of ICELAND find it cold and the summer too short, I just prefer the winter and snow if we get it. A few of us enjoy the winter and the cold weather that comes with it.
  11. PeterL's Avatar
    Have you considered moving to Greenland or some other more Northerly land?
  12. Helga's Avatar
    I have tried to convince my son to move to Alaska but he is a total weirdo! He enjoys the sun! no idea why
  13. PeterL's Avatar
    Well, there's no accounting for tates, but Alaska would be warmer in the Summer than Iceland and much hotter than Greenland. Svalbad (sp?) might be a good place, and Antarctica would be even cooler than Iceland; there's plenty of ice there.