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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

Germany’s Journey Toward Kalima Continues - Love For All, Hatred For None.

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Peace be on you. ‘Love For All, Hatred For None’ is the powerful motto practiced by Ahmadiyya Community.…..The Third Ahmadiyya Khalifah once spiritually saw Kalima (There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad is His Messenger) written on the hearts of people of Germany...... Current Ahmadiyya Khalifah inaugurated two more Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosques in Germany last month and laid stones of two more mosques toward the goal of making 100 of them, by the grace of Allah. The events were attented by local Germans, including academics, officials, media persons, political and religious leaders. Message reached to 1.2 million people through various media interactions. Holy Khalifah’s interview was broadcasted.

There was German annual convention too on last three days of June. 31000 people attented it while millions watched through Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International (MTAi) or internet ( Guest came form many places including Malta, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Hungry, Latvia, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Abania, Bulgaria (80 Guests) and Macedonia (50 Guests).


1- Secretary of Sate of district Hesses thanked the Ahmadiyya Community for services and said they presents positive image of Islam.

2- First Councillor of Fulda said that this Community participate in civic activities of the city. Their words and actions are positive and they are law-abiding citizens.

3- A senior citizen stated that he had found the truth of religion here. He wished to learn Salaat. He foresees world will accept the message of founder of Ahmadiyya Community.

4- A guest liked the often use of word Love in pragramme.

5- A Christain lady professor of English from Macedonia found great organization in convention events. She found real teaching of Islam is peace, after she listened the address of Holy Khalifah.

6- A doctor for Mecdonia took Bai’at. He found politics-free atmosphere. He was surprised no police present at such large gathering. He had never heard the matters as elucidated by Holy Khalifah from any orthodox clergy.

7- A friend from Belgium was moved by the mutual unity of the Community. He accepted it.

8- Some guest were postponing Bai’at but after listening the address of Holy Khalifah, they took Bai’at.

A new convert Lebanese said that once his thirteen year old son asked him about the latter days. The father told him the latter days were hundreds of years in future. The son contradicted him and said that in fact we are going through the latter days. He also said to his father that Dajjal was not the name of a person, rather it was a body of people. The father asked him how he knew this. The son replied that once he was channel-hopping when he came across MTA in German and now he watched it regularly. As the father did not know German, the son began to explain to his father whatever was said on MTA. One day the father became angry and warned his son not to watch MTA although deep down he felt it’s message was correct. Later, the father met two Ahmadis and found out that his son was right all along. He took Bai’at.
Reference: Benefited from and more at: Friday sermon, July 5 – 2013, Holy Khalifah, UK,

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