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Life in a small town.

Meg -Disaster and back again.

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My son has been in California for a week or two (working) so his body clock is all to pot. Yesterday he got up at 2 am and took the dogs for a walk (he didn't know about Meg's behavior). Anyway, she ran off at the first sight of sheep and would not return to him, and eventually disappeared. This is fairly serious in sheep country, when it comes to loose dogs, farmers tend to shoot first and ask questions later .

When I got up I noticed there were alot of sheep in front of the house (Meg had spent a couple of hours bringing them in from out lying fields.) Eventially I spotted her, but she would not come to me, or lie down and started her manic wide circleing again, I ended up chasing her on the quad. Only when she was exhaused did she lie down.

So, first of all there are a couple of positives - she stayed on our land, and she brought sheep back to the house rather than randomly chaseing them. It shows she thinks she belongs here.

But I think we are back at square one in our relationship.

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  1. Helga's Avatar
    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully it's not too bad and she'll get back on track
  2. Gilliatt Gurgle's Avatar
    Wish you luck with the training.
    Perhaps a picture of Meg some time soon?
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    She also didn't attack the sheep. I hear that a dog that goes wrong may do that. Best to you and the dog.
  4. *Classic*Charm*'s Avatar
    Ah crap. I'm sorry to hear that Poor girl.

    That is such confusing behaviour. I'd love to run the scenario by the vet I work with, who is a certified behaviourist. What do you think is causing her manic sheep-chasing? Is it fear or anxiety? Or is it more obsessive-compulsive?

    Glad you've still got Nelly to keep things in order!
  5. prendrelemick's Avatar
    I'm sure it is fear/anxiety. I wouldn't say it is sheep chasing exactly, it is more single minded focused running to a set pattern ignoring everything including the sheep.

    She only begins to consider me or sheep when she starts to tire a bit.