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Life in a small town.

New dog update

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Two steps forwards one step back (or is it the other way round?). That's always the way when training sheep dogs . It is especially true with Meg.

I saw her working about a year ago and she was very impressive, that is why I took her on rather than getting a new pup. We've been practising "get back!" "Lie down!" and "Come here!" (with whistles) in the big shed- trying to make it a game with lots of praise and petting. It's going well, but it's frustrating because this is the very basic stuff any dog can do and I know she can do much, much more. The problems start when I try the same thing with sheep, then she goes into her set moves, zig-zag herding and running back with a kind of manic desperation and NOT listening. Anyway, I think we've got to the stage where she wants to please me (I AM the alpha dog!) so thats good.

The effect of all this training on Nelly has been magnificent . She watches us and occasionally (when she thinks Meg is getting too much attention) she joins in to get a bit of praise. This morning I took her to move 500 sheep and lambs up onto the moor and she was great, well behaved, disciplined, full of initative and presence. It was great. We both really enjoyed it. She's upped her game, she won't be retiring just yet I think.

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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    That is fascinating Prend. Too bad you can't film it and share it here. I would love to see herding dogs in action. Oh yes, I know there's stuff on youtube. But it's always better when it's someone you know.
  2. Helga's Avatar
    I agree with Virgil, it all seems so interesting. I'm sure Meg will be great, she obviously has a trainer who wants the best for her. Keep us updated!