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Jett Black

Reason Not To Believe.

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I don't believe I have ever felt it necessary to "disprove" the existence of the Biblical God, despite the fact that as an atheist I am defined as: "a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings." And I don't think I have ever seen an atheist standing on a street corner and preaching.

In my opinion, the average theist believes in God simply because they were taught to do so from a very young age. I was raised a Christian and attended Christian schools. Before the start of lessons every morning we recited the Lords Prayer and religious instruction was part of our syllabus. At the boarding school I attended both Sunday school & church attendance was compulsory. During these church services the minister would open the large Bible in front of him and declare: "Let us now hear the word of God." To my childish mind this meant that God himself had written every word of the Bible and maybe gave it to Moses along with the stone tablets on Mount Sinai. After all, didn't he create the entire universe and everything in it? That's what I'd been taught.

It was only much later when I was a grown man when I had read about the Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicaea and about how the dating of Easter was decided upon and how by vote it was decided that Jesus was God and not simply a radical mortal prophet. And how soon after this, all works that challenged orthodox teachings were confiscated and destroyed and how Constantine financed a new copy of the Bible. And how Rome was able at the stroke of a pen, to rewrite the Bible as they saw fit and in doing so rewrite history as well. The church changed history to suit its own agenda.

So rather than trying to disprove God, I find it very difficult to imagine how any rational & thinking person who has studied the findings of Biblical scholars, can still blindly follow church dogma and actually believe in God.


  1. cafolini's Avatar
    They can't. You are correct. It has been said that idiots don't change their views but change the facts to fit their idiocy. Actually, you are also correct in implying that it would stupid to try to disprove the existence of the biblical god.
  2. hannah_arendt's Avatar
    You`re in 100% correct.

    If it comes to Constantine, my husband is fascinated by him and general Bizantine Empire.
  3. Virgil's Avatar
    I in turn find it amazing how every unschooled person thinks that only uneducated people believe in God. I doubt very much you have read a smidgeon if any of the Church Fathers or theological writings that support it. Just because you went to Sunday school or read a few books does it mean you know even the basics. People get PhDs on the subject. If you want to look up intellectuals who have not just read on the subject but written numerous books on it look up philosopher Dr. Peter Kreeft or theologian Dr. Scott Hahn. Read any of their writings and I'm not asking you to believe (because that will never happen because your mind is just as closed as the ones you claim are closed) but at least tell me if they don't have an intellectual rigor, philosophic discipline, and scholarly knowledge. I find it amazing how superficially intellectual Lit Net is.