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A Look Back

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Time has been flying these past few months and my dislike of the format changes here continues to hinder my participation herein.

Pretty much Anna Karenina was the last real literature I have read. More recent reads were the Complete Cardigan--4 voulumes by Frederick Nebel and the Complete Donahue by same. Have read about four Spider pulp novels and he is best experienced in short doses.

My finances took major step forward end of last year when AAA offered an pension payout which I took advantahe of to clear my accounts with the IRS (highly amused by their current troubles--their sense of invulnerability has finally caught up to them--for awhile anyway. Some other debts have also been settled and once August is here I think I am finally in a position to have a life after so many years of living payday to payday. Oddly enough I miss the pressure of debt and that sense of urgency. My idea of life on the edge I suppose.

Been more on facebook as ell keeping up with certain friendships -more then others. I occasionally get bored with the chat rooms and the idea of never really going to get to meet some of these people though one young lady from Russia is convinced she and I will share a dinner sometime. I just laugh at her since she is terrible at handling money. She also told me her country was reluctant about letting their people come to the states lately. I told her 30 years ago that was called defecting. I salute her dreams even though she knows I laugh at her.

My second son Dan is back from Afghanistan having survived two bombings with no casualties and the other son is wrapping up a tour in Korea in September. Home on leave now and expected to be HERE visiting in next hour or so.

The Long Suffering Spouse failed Nursing school so now she is trying Medical Massage School. We shall see. I'm just marking time at AAA since the new owners know little about customer service and seem to live and die by the statistics. I should devote a blog to the changes but my blood pressure doesn't need the increase.


  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Hey, nice to hear from you Rich. That's great you're finally getting out of debt. Trust me you won't miss that financial pressure. And if you really do miss it, you can get yourself in debt just as easily. No don't do that. You owe it to the long suffering spouse.
  2. qimissung's Avatar
    Good to hear from you, Rich! I'm very, very glad to hear that all is well with the various members of your family. I'm sorry your job has fallen prey to new management.

    I am thinking that I will consider getting back on Facebook, so I can drop by and say "hi" once in a while. I was thinking of doing so under a fake name. If I alert you to that first, will you still say "hi" back???
  3. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Nice to see you again.