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Jett Black

The Age of Insanity Begins.

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All statistics regarding Thermo-Nuclear Warfare have been accessed via the internet.

The rest is all fiction from the pen of Jett Black.

2013 – The face of the Arab World changes dramatically. Now the Arab League is forced to shift their attention from Israel, as the spotlight becomes focussed directly on the Middle East. Beginning with Egypt in 2011, young militant Arabs have now orchestrated the downfall of many other regimes in the area. The rest of the world looks on in concern when Iran, the last major power in the Muslim world to resist change, begins sabre rattling.

China becomes increasingly nervous and agitated as these events begin unfolding and is forced to violently put down militant activity themselves.

Iran meanwhile announces that there will be no further talks with the West as they blame them together with Israel for the unrest in the Arab world. They demand the withdrawal of all NATO troops from the region.

In response, NATO prepares to invade Iran so China and its allies, including Russia, warn America against this.

Then without warning, Israel takes out Iran’s nuclear facility in a “first strike.” The Muslim world and their allies are outraged when despite China’s warning, NATO invades and occupies Iran; the world is on the brink of what could be a nuclear war.

While the United Nations vainly struggles to get talks started to end the tension between East and West, a new Arab militant group emerges under the banner of the “Warriors of Allah” – W.O.A.

A spate of never before used deadly “dirty bombs” explode in all major western capitals. When the W.O.A claims responsibility for these attacks, a newly formed Right Wing American group called “Christ’s Holy Army of Saviours,” CHAOS, retaliates with similar bombings in Moscow & Beijing. The China/Russia/Arab/African alliance issues an ultimatum to NATO to withdraw from Iran or they will declare war.

2014. Submarine launched tactical nuclear weapons are used first before killer satellites take out intelligence satellites. Civilians are moved out of cities.

Nuclear weapons aboard satellites detonate in low earth orbit over the USA and its allies, making computers useless and destroying communication by generating electromagnetic pulses.

Ballistic missiles detonated over the USA produce fireballs of intense light and everything combustible within five miles ignites. Even from twelve miles, exposed skin receives second degree burns and shock waves flatten buildings within a five mile radius.

Incoming ICBMs reach US targets. 80,000 dead and 3,000,000 injured.
Hundreds of warheads are fired at targets and two thirds detonate successfully. This with a force about fifty times more than all the bombs and shells used in world War Two. About 4,000,000 killed so far in the USA.

Firestorms are raging across USA, Russia, China and Europe. Many dams have been destroyed and severe flooding occurs. Mushroom clouds darken the earth and temperatures drop. Acid rain begins to fall.

Eighty percent of the world’s industrial capacity is destroyed and toxic chemicals have been released into the atmosphere. 115,000,000 dead in the USA and 40,000,000 injured to date. Globally 475,000,000 have died.

The USA has 75,000 beds available in hospitals that are still up and running, but there are 20,000,000 severely injured people. 8,000,000 are badly burned but only 500 burn care beds survive.

Civil wars break out across the planet.

USA national and state government no longer exist. Survivors from Mexico pour into the US. Sixty percent of the USA population will die from radiation exposure within thirty days. The ozone layer is halved. 145,000,000 people dead in the USA. Epidemics spread among the survivors and crops are dying. 175,000,000 US dead. Worldwide deaths are 4,500,000,000.

The only heat during winter is from wood fires. In Japan 40,000,000 starve to death and their military invade Australia in search of food sources. Ninety five percent of USA is contaminated by fallout and Bubonic plague ravages the population, killing millions more.

World agriculture has collapsed bringing famine and those exposed to fallout are now dying of cancer. For many, many decades to come, areas that received fallout from strikes on nuclear power plants and above ground nuclear waste storage, will remain uninhabitable.

The nuclear age of insanity is over.

© Jett Black.


  1. cafolini's Avatar
    All of this is irrelevant. Look into what an F35 is. Look into the most contemporary nuclear submarinesl. Unless you KNOW what's going on and the technology, your pointing is trivial, very trivial.

    And BTW, this is the age of hope and sanity if there ever was one. We now have the power to end with the race, so it will not be implemented. Before, the aristocracy always knew their own arses were not going to burn, and winning a war always was a matter of coming close to make them burn in which case, they simply surrender.
    This age is the sanest.
    Updated 06-01-2013 at 04:54 PM by cafolini
  2. Virgil's Avatar
    Well, no Jett. The relationship between the US, Russia, China, and Europe is a lot better than you portray. Certainly we have economic links that would make war between us unlikely, unless we all want to go into a great depression, and none of the four do. Now the Islamic world is most definitely a problem, one in which I think we continue to underestimate their radicalism. But luckily they don't have any real military power, just a bunch of morons that make life difficult for the rest of us.
  3. Silas Thorne's Avatar
    Wars are always happening, mostly bloodless strategic ones. I would think an actual nuclear war would be unlikely now though.