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Jett Black

Part of the Reason Why I'm an Atheist.

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All that we are aware of (know) is about 14 billion years old. That, give or take a gazillion years or so, is the approximate age of the Universe, which was so beautifully described thus, by a genius, the late Carl Sagan: “The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.”

According to those who study such things, earthlings “evolved” about 200,000 years ago and have inhabited the planet ever since. Egypt, Rome and Greece were the Super Powers of their time, with most of the rest of the planet being, with some exceptions in the east, what we would call today “third world.”

These ancient powers were indeed super, with the Egyptians in particular able to erect structures that the modern world would still struggle to replicate. So already, many thousands of years ago, certain earthlings had both the knowledge and the resources that enabled them to not only accurately cut, but also to move pieces of granite weighing between two and three tons.

And what I find amazing is that apart from the usual “spin” put out by successive kings about their greatness in battle and how beloved they were by their gods, nobody seemed much fussed by these extraordinary feats of engineering. I have yet to read an account from Ancient Egypt in which somebody writes:

“Wow! Today my team finally placed the capstone in place on top of the tallest structure yet built. The CEO still can’t believe the way my guys managed to haul-*** those massive blocks up that slippery slope. He says we set nearly 2.5 million of those mothers!” Or words to that effect.

Anyway, let me leave Egypt momentarily or I’ll be writing about it all day. So back to the now. Take for instance the time between the Wright Brothers first “flight” in 1903 and the late Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon … what was it? Sixty six years or so. Okay, so between the first appearance of earthlings on our planet and Orville and Wilbur’s epic breakthrough, some 200,000 years had gone by. But it took a mere sixty six years from the first flight for that famous “giant leap for mankind” to thrill the world.

Now that causes me to start thinking about time and evolution and knowledge. And I start doing the mathematics”

Age of Universe (rounded off) 14 Billion Years
Earthlings on the Planet for 200,000 Years
Earthlings First Flight 66 Years Ago
Earthlings First Space Flight 50 Years Ago

So we have been to the moon and back six times which is in total a distance of about five million miles. Our Universe is a big, big place … how big nobody knows. We don’t even know if ours is the only universe around. In some of the images NASA has, the light has taken billions of light years to reach earth. So six trips to our moon and back is like a hop and a skip in these terms. However, considering that we only left the ground for the first time fifty years before the first moon landing, we haven’t done too shabbily.

Now, supposing that in another part of the universe, intelligent life “evolved” one maybe two billion years before we did here on planet earth. And suppose they evolved at more or less the same pace that we did … then all things being equal, they could be a couple of billion years more advanced than us. This could mean that they are able to travel several billion miles further into space than we have done so far.

The Universe is vast and so with the sheer volume of galaxies and planets therein, it’s a racing certainty that such an intelligent life force exists. In fact there are most likely more than a gazillion of them still out there. Of course the very size of the Universe might also mean that the chances of a group of space travellers “stumbling” upon planet earth would be very slim. Or would it?

We have The Hubble Space Telescope which has enabled astronomers to not only find far away galaxies, but also suns, planets and moons and has transformed the way scientists look at our Universe. The furthest The Hubble Space Telescope has seen so far is about 10-15 billion light years away. Now light travels about 5,865,696,000,000 miles in a single year so if you add 9 more zeroes to the end of this to get one billion light years and another one for 10 billion light years, you’ll know how far Hubble can see.

Which could mean that a far more advanced race might have a space telescope far superior to Hubble … maybe a “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba Hubble” that can see a billion times further. Go on, you do the math to see how far into space this would be. This being so then they might be watching us and seeing us as clearly as we might see our own moon with the naked eye! Far out man!

I believe that a race of super-intelligent beings have already visited earth in the past. I am certain of this simply because the signs of their visitation are all there in eye witness accounts written by the ancients … accounts that have been read by a gazillion earthlings and are still being read to this day. Unfortunately these signs are not understood and accepted as such by the vast majority of them.

Had not all the world’s history and knowledge in the Royal Alexandrian Library not been lost, I am convinced that a detailed account of visits from space people would have been found there. Unfortunately these manuscripts are lost to us forever so that we are now saddled with an account of ancient history that has been foisted upon us by a church that denounced any scientific theory on the Universe as “dangerous to the faith.”

Even so, there are still writings about these visitors from space which make sense to the “enlightened” among us. Of course it is impossible to convince the majority of earthlings of this simply because, although about 55% of the world’s population is educated, our education systems teach from the books and writings I mentioned earlier.

So where are these eye witness accounts of alien visitations? Well for a start, the Christian bible is packed with references to them. And no, I’m not going to mention a single instance and this is why. Earthlings who believe in the biblical god and in the writings of the ancients that were later edited and compiled into book form by the church, are usually unable to “read between the lines” so to speak.

To the average “born again” or other Christian, if it’s in the bible its gospel. (No pun intended!) So when they read that some guy, women are mostly invisible in the bible, “ascended to heaven in a chariot and horses of fire” in their mind’s eye they picture a “Ben Hur” type roman chariot that’s on fire flying up into the sky.

Now I and other earthlings of a similar viewpoint read this and we look at it from another perspective. We go: “Okay, this description was no doubt written after the event that could have gone something like this …”

It’s a Sunday afternoon in Israel and two friends Shep, a sheep herder and Cy, a scribe are having a barbeque. Their wives Rachel and Hannah in inside the single story tent warming barley bread and making an olive, cheese and watercress salad. Outside Shep and Cy are standing around the fire grilling half a sheep and drinking wine.

Cy: “Hey Shep, you remember that chap Eli?
Shep: "Yeah … nice friendly guy. Never has much to say. He’s real friendly with those foreigners."
Cy: "The same. Well he’s gone you know. Taken.:
Shep: "Who took him? The cops?"
Cy: "No them … the foreigners. Some say they’re gods you know."
Shep: "So tell me, what happened?"
Cy: "I spoke to Josh at the market yesterday and he told me. You know him?"
Shep: "Yeah he’s married to fat Benji’s sister. Plays the ram’s horn at the club on Saturday night. Knows all the gossip. So what he say about Eli then?"
Cy: "Well they took Eli away in that big plate shaped flying thing … the silver one they came here with last year."
Shep: "Awesome man! The noisy thing that spits fire and smoke. So where’d they take Eli then?"
Cy: "Away … up there into the sky."
Shep: "Wow! Cool. Pour us some more wine before the women come outside …"

The next day Cy the scribe decides to write an account of what Shep told him last night. He had quite a bit of wine to drink but he thinks he can remember everything.

Cy goes: “And Shep said that Josh told him Eli was taken up into heaven in a fiery chariot to live with the gods."

Personally I find this quite easy to believe, but then I just wrote it! Anyway, what we need to bear in mind is that the ancients knew little or nothing about our Universe. In fact the average pre-high school child today knows more about it than the wisest man who ever lived thousands of years ago did. So to anyone witnessing a space craft landing or taking off at that time, they would refer to it by the name of the only vehicle they knew … a chariot.

Unfortunately not many earthlings are able to accept this theory and o because “the bible says so … it is so.”

And here endeth the first lesson ... or words to that effect.


  1. cafolini's Avatar
    Convictions are not necessarily true. A note for asses. ~ F. Nietzsche

    A telescope that looks billions of lightyears away is looking at some past that might or might not be there today. ~ C A Cafolini
  2. Jett Black's Avatar
    True indeed calfolini.