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Trying to Promote the Writing of 'Poetic Music'!

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This is one of the first rap (poetically inspired) rhymes I have ever written. I would love to write lyrics for underground hip hop artists on YouTube, Hip Hop forums, and other creative venues who do not care for money/fame etc... It is just a hobby. I do not want to make ANY money from my lyrics and I am not a ‘rapper’ so I can’t deliver them well. If anyone knows of someone who would like to collaborate with me, I’d be more than happy to write more.

Working Title: An Underground Alliance

Mixing wishful dishes to sincerely tantalize your senses
Dappling sporadic light refractions right through your glass’ lenses
A product of gritty beat lickers n’ witty word blenders
I crack your lack of tact with lines so black it leaves dents in fenders
My bro chose to go nourish prose in college
But this quick hit slits doors wit' nails of knowledge
What’s right? To grip a mic intent to rip peals of silence
My only wish? To die quick then dream 'midst
the spirits of an underground alliance.