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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).


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Peace be on you. Under Divine guidance, on 23 rd of March 1889, the Promised Messiah initiated his Community. In recent Friday Sermon (March 22, 2013), his fifth Khalifah presented some quotes from his writings. Following article is based on these writings in which Promised Messiah and Mahdi (a.s.) speaks about various aspects of his promised advent.


“It was the time of Messiah and no one else – Had I not come, someone else would have!” – Said the Promised Messiah, the Mahdi (peace be on him).


Promised Messiah explained: “This thought of some unwise people is wrong that as if I have falsely claimed to be recipient of revelation. But in fact this happened through the Powerful God Who has created the ed the heavens and made this universe. In the time, when people’s belief in God lessens, in that era a person like me is created and God converses with him and through him, God manifests His wonders. So much so that people come to understand that indeed God exists.”
(Ruhani Khazaen, Vol 13 p. 18, 1985, London Reprint Edition)


“The earthly and heavenly occurrences which are signs of the advent of the Promised Messiah have all come to pass in my time. A long while ago lunar and solar eclipses took place in the month of Ramadan and the comet zul seneen has also appeared. Earthquakes too have come and there has been an outbreak of plague as well. Christian religion has spread all over the world with great might. And as it was pre-written in the indications, I have been called an infidel most forcefully. In short, all the signs have appeared and that knowledge and insight which guide hearts to the truth, have also been made evident.”
(Ruhani Khazaen, Vol 13 p. 298)


“I see that those who wish to be the followers of nature and the law of nature, have been offered a good opportunity by God Almighty of accepting my claim, because they are not confronted by the difficulties in which our other opponents are involved. They know well that Hadhrat Esa [Jesus], peace be on him has died and at the same time they have to confess that the prophecy contained in the Ahadith about the appearance of the Promised Messiah is among the long-established verities that cannot be denied by any reasonable person. Thus they are left with no other option but to accept that the Promised Messiah will be from this very Ummah [ i.e. one of the Muslims]. They are, however, entitled to inquire as to why they should believe this claim of [mine] being Promised Messiah? And what is the proof that the Promised Messiah is you? The answer to it that, the time, the country and the town, in which, the appearance of Promised Messiah is affirmed in Holy Quran and Ahadith -- and the special acts, which are, the primary purpose for the person of Messiah -- and the happenings in earth and heavens, which are mentioned as signs of appearance of Promised Messiah -- and the knowledge and wisdom, which are declared specialty of Promised Messiah – Allah Almighty has gathered all these things in me, my era and my country, and has attached heavenly supports with me for more satisfaction.

As I was invested with authority for the Christians,
I was, therefore, named the Son of Mary.

Heaven is showing signs and the earth proclaims that this is the time,
These two witnesses stand firm in my support.

Now the explanation of this: The indication given in the text of the Holy Quran proves that our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is Musa(Moses)-like [73:16] and his chain of Khilafat is very similar to the chain of Khilafat of Hadhrat Musa (peace be on him). Just as Hadhrat Musa (peace be on him) was promised that in the latter days -– i.e., when the chain of Prophethood of Bani Israel would reach its limit and Bani Israel would be divided into many sects each accusing other being false, so much so that some would declare others to be infidels ---- then Allah Almighty would raise a Khalifah, a supporter of religion of Musa, i.e. Hadhrat Esa [Prophet Jesus] peace be on him; he would gather the scattered sheep of Israel with him, and bring sheep and wolves together at one place, and he would be a Hakam (Arbiter) for all the sects of Bani Israel, and he would iron out their differences and remove rancour and ill-will.

Likewise, a similar promise was made in the Holy Quran; towards that this verse points: ‘….. (among) others from among them who have not yet joined them…’ (62:4) Many details of this are set out in Ahadith. For instance, it is mentioned that Muslims would become divided into as many sects as the Jews; they would accuse each other of falsehood and brand each other as infidels; and would increase in hatred and enmity towards each other, till the time when the Promised Messiah would appear as a Hakam (Arbiter). When he would come, he would remove all rancour and hostility. During his time, the wolf and the sheep will gather at one place. All those who know history that, Hadhrat Esa (Jesus, peace be on him) came is such time when the Israelite sects were ridden with great dissension and labeled each other infidels and false. Likwise, this humble too has come at the time when inner dissensions have reached to maximum and each sect has started calling others Kafir. At such a time of dissension, the Ummah of Muhammad were in need of a Hakam (Arbiter). God has, therefore, sent me with appointment as Hakam (Arbiter).

It is an amazing parallel regarding which the Quran and Ahadith given definitive indication, that just as Hadhrat Esa (Jesus) peace be on him was born in the fourteenth century, thirteen hundred years after Hadhrat Musa (Moses) peace be on him, similarly this humble one was also sent by God Almighty in the fourteenth century. It seems that in this regard great recipients of visions were drawn to the fact that the advent of the Promised Messiah was to take place in the fourteenth century. Allah Almighty has indicated this very matter by giving me the name Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, as the number of thirteen hundred is applicable to this name. In short, there is sufficient proof in the Holy Quran and Ahadith that the Messiah to come will appear in the fourteenth century and will come at the time of dissension in Islamic sects and dominance of mutual discord.”
(Ruhani Khazain, Vol 13, p 254 – Essence of Islam, Vol iv pp 62-65)


The Promised messiah (on whom be peace) said that Sheikh Ibn e Arabi had written that the Promised Messiah would be born twin, the other twin being a girl. He also foretold that the Promised Messiah’s descent will be Chinese, i.e. his forefathers would have lived in Chinese region. Divine Will fulfilled all of this as the Promised Messiah (a.s.) was born a twin with a girl and his forefathers lived in Samarkand, which is associated with China.
[Brief from Ruhani Khazaen vol 13, p 313]

[Note: The prophecy of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) indicated that promised reformer would be of Persian lineage. A revelation to Promised Messiah mentioned it too…….The Promised Messiah explains: “After spread of Islam, many Muslims went to China to settle and because of their preaching millions of Chinese accepted Islam……….It is possible that some Persians too settled there; for that reason their identification as Chinese was essential. Many Arabs who, in the beginning, came to India, now known as Indians….” Ref. of Note: Ruhani Khazaen Vol 23, p 331, 1985 Reprint Edition]


The Promised also said that in accordance to the Holy Quran, a claim to the commissioned by God can only be proved when three aspects verify it. Firstly, it is backed by definite, clear and evident testimony, that is, the claim is not contrary to the Book of God. Secondly, its intellectual arguments are verifiable and corroborative and thirdly, heavenly signs validate the claimant. He said that his claim was proven by virtue of these three arguments and reasoning…………Bukhari Ahadith state the Promised Messiah will be different in appearance from the earlier Messiah (Jesus, peace be on him). Messiah to come is mentioned as circuiting the Ka’ba (while Dajjal is seen too, circuiting the Ka’ba) with brown complexion and straight hairs. Israelite Messiah is mentioned of having reddish complexion (like people of Syria) with curly hairs. It proves that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) declared the Messiah to come as a separate person and also attributed him to be from among the people amid whom his advent would take place.

=If Clergies appraised honestly they would surely admit that Kasr e Salib (metaphorical breaking of the Cross) is the task of the Mujaddid (Reformer) of the 14 th century. As this task is mentioned for Promised Messiah to do, the obvious result is that the Mujaddid of the 14 th century should be the Promised Messiah.

= The freedom given by the concept of atonement has spread the immoralities like contagious diseases.

= The sense of honour and mercy of God Almighty has raised the Reformer of 14 th century for Kasr e Salib to save people from mortal god.

= How and through which resources, the Promised Messiah should do Kasr e Salib? Should it be through fighting and was as Clergies erroneously think? No, the status of Promised Messiah demands that he removes this evil through intellectual reasoning, heavenly signs and prayers. God has bestowed these powers to him. Gradually the vast doors to accepting Tawheed (Oneness of God) will open. God’s tasks are gradual.
(Brief from Ruhani Khazaen, Vol 13, pp. 299 to 305)


“ Let it be remembered that the term ‘Imam of the age’ comprises all of Prophets, Messengers, Muhaddathin and Mujaddadin. But those who are not appointed by God to educate and guide Allah’s creature, nor have they been vouchsafed such excellences, regardless of their being Wali (Friend of God) or Abdal (Devotees), cannot be called ‘Iman of the age’.

Now, Finally, this question remained that who is ‘Imam of age’ in this era, whose obedience is pronounced compulsory by God Almighty, for common Muslims, righteous ones, dream-seers and revelation-receivers. I hereby proclaim, without any hesitation, that, by the grace and bounty of God Almighty the


and God Almighty has brought together those all signs and conditions in my person and appointed me at the turn of this century, of which fifteen years have already passed. I appeared at a time when Islamic articles of faith were filled with differences and no tenets were empty of difference.

Likewise, about the Messiah’s descent, extremely false notions had gained currency. In this belief too, difference was so great that some were convinced that Hadhrat Esa (Jesus) was alive while others believed him to be dead; some believed in his bodily descent, while others believed metaphoric descent. Some were bringing him down in Damascus, some in Mecca and some in Jerusalem and some in Muslim army and some thought he would descend in India. Thus, all these differing beliefs and differing statements called for a Hakam (Arbitrator) to come and judge between them, And I am that Hakam. I am sent, spiritually, for Kasr e Salib (breaking the Cross) and to remove differences. These two very matters necessitated my advent. It was not essential for me to present any other reason for my truth because need is reason by itself. But, even then, God Almighty has shown many signs for my support. And as I am Hakam (Arbitrator) in other differences, I am Hakam too in the dispute about death or life [of Hadhrat Esa, Jesus, a.s whether he has died or still alive].
I declare that the stand taken by Iman Malik r.h., Ibn Hazm r.h. and Mu’tazilities, with regard to the death of the Messiah, is correct, and I believe the rest of the Ahl e Sunnah to be wrong. Therefore, in my capacity as Hakam, I hereby give the verdict that this group Ahl e Sunnah is right only as far as the basic concept of Messiah’s descent is concerned, for he bound to descend, albeit I the spiritual sense. Where they have erred, is in the manner of descent, for it was to be figurative, not literal. On the question of the death of Messiah, the Mu’tazilities, Imam Malik, Ibn Hazm, and others who hold similar views, are in the right, for according to the clear authority of the blessed verse ‘….but since Thou didst cause me to die….’ (5:118) the Messiah must have died before the Christians had gone astray. This is my verdict as the Hakam. He who does not accept it, does not accept Him Who has sent me as the Hakam.

If the question is presented that what is the proof of your being Hakam? The answer to it is that the time for which the Hakam was destined is here, and so are the people whose wrong notions about the Cross, the Hakam was meant to rectify. And The signs which were to appear in support of the Hakam, have appeared. And still signs continue to appear. Heavens are showing signs. Earth is showing signs. And blessed are those whose eyes do not remain close now.”
(Daruratu Imam (Need of Imam), Ruhani Khazaen vol 13, p.495)


“ My opponents should reflect in their hearts that if I am, in fact the same Promised Messiah whom Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) has declared as a arm of his and whom he has sent greeting and has given him the name Hakam (Arbitar), Adal (Judge), Imam(Leader) and Khalifatullah (Vicegerent of Allah), then, was it permissible that, for the sake of a mere monarch, they should curse him and call him names? Let them restrain their anger and reflect, not for my sake but for the sake of Allah and His Messenger, whether such treatment of such a claimant was proper? I do not wish to enlarge upon this because my case against all of you is in heaven. If I am the same person, who was promised by the holy lips of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.), then you have sinned, not against me but against God. Had it not been mentioned in true Ahadith that he will be persecuted and cursed, you would not have dared to persecute me as you have done. But it was necessary that all that was destined and decreed by God and which is still to be found in your books should be fulfilled, and that you should prove guilty. You read those books with tongue and then, by continuing to declare me a kafir (infidel) and cursing me, you affirm that you are the evil-scholars and their friends who were to declare the Mahdi a kafir and oppose the Messiah.

I have invited you time and again to come to me so that your doubts may be removed, but none came forward. I invited everyone to final decision but no one paid any attention. I suggested that you should do Istikhara (a Salaat Paryer taught by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) with a special prayer to seek guidance from Allah) and beseech to God Almighty with tears so that He may disclose the truth to you, but you did nothing and did not stop denying too. Truly has God said concerning me: ‘A nazeer (warner) came into the world and the world did not accept him, but God will accept him and will proclaim his truth with powerful assault.’

Is it possible that a person should be true and yet should be destroyed? Is it possible that a person should be from God and should be ruined? Thus, O ye people, fight not God. This is a thing which God wants to do for you and for your faith, so do not resist Him. You might stand before the lightening but you have not the strength to confront God. If all this had been man’s doing, none of your attacks would have been needed, God Himself would have enough to destroy it. Alas! Heavens is bearing witness and you hear not; the earth is crying out: Needed, Needed, and you see not! O unfortunate people! Arise and see that, in this time of distress, Islam has been trodden underfoot and has been maligned like criminals. It has been counted among liars and has been written down among unholy ones. Then would not God’s High-mindedness be aroused at such at time? Now learn that heavens are drawing close and the days are near when every ear shall hear the affirmation: ‘I am present’.”
(Ruhani Khazaen, Vol 13, p 328 plus)


1-Friday sermon of March 22, 2013, by Hadhrat Khalifah tul Messiah V, (May Allah help him),
2-Writings of Promised Messiah Mahdi (Peace be on him), Ruhani Khazaen Volume 13 (of 23) online at (Some parts available as Essence of Islam)