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The Promised Revival -- To Bring Faith Back Even If It Had Gone To Pleiades (i.e. weakened).

20 th February - The Day to Remember A Sign of Mercy of God.

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PART ONE Peace be on you. When debates went too long, the holy man prayed to God for a Sign. Under God’s guidance, he went for solitary prayers for forty days in an Indian town, Hoshiarpur. There, he received words of God – a prophecy. On 20 th February 1886, he published these words of God. It said, God would grant him a son with great qualities to serve the peaceful struggle for revival of the faith. The prophecy, for example, said:
“…..His advent will be greatly blessed and will be a soure of manifestation of Divine Majesty.…”
“…..He will be extremely intelligent and understanding and will be meek of heart and will be filled with secular and spiritual knowledge….”

His birth was linked with the divine destiny i.e. it was linked with divine destiny of ‘God and His Prophets’s dominance ’. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) had prophecied about the promised reviver of faith that promised Messiah would marry and would be blessed with children. Commonly, people do get married and have childrenbut Holy Prophet’s specific mention was meaningful.

The promised son, born in 1889, was weak in health and could not regulary go for early schooling. However, he continued studies at his own pace. His real talent was always in the mind and heart of his father, the promised Messiah Mahdi who never forced him about studies but he took special care of his morals and relation with God from young age. The son independently studied religion, history, literature and various other subjects. He developed into great scholar and eloquent speaker.

After the passing away of first Khalifah of Promised Messiah Mahdi in 1914, he was elected, under divine influence, as second Khalifah at the age of 25. His soul rested in peace in 1965.

He devised many organizational systems in the Community of promised Messiah which served the divine message of peace to reach in 202 countries of the globe. He wrote detailed commentary of Holy Quran and many other books. Some of his writings are avaible online at wwwDOTalislamDOTorg/books/#km2

Translation of some of his writtings from his detailed Commentary of Holy Quran (Tafseer Kabir 10 volumes) in the form of gist :

O – All human has inborn sense that something is good while other is not good; they may have differences in specifications. This faculty is not by itself.
O – Only worldy knowledge has not satisfied human urge of search, they yearn for knowledge beyond physical matter. Sometimes this urge to find ultimate reality hides under the weight of material burdens and transfers to subconscious and they deny God, but their search contninues under different heading.
O – Human has been granted sense of balance. This balance helps them to pay rights of God and rights of people. This balance helps them to do goodness and avoid evil.
O – God has granted great powers to human. But there are limits. One of the limit is about the Way towards God. It is God Who teaches which path eables human to reach Him.
O – By walking two miles down the riverside, if one concludes that there is no source of this river, it would be wrong. Search, even, in physical knowledge still continues. It means source has not yet been discovered. Thus it is wrong to conclude that God does not exists.
O – God has made storm of emotions in human; passion of love, passion of hate. Human desire perfection. The desire for perfect manifestation of love is there for God and perfect manifestation of hate is there for Satan. The Perfect Prophet (pbuh) brought the perfect teaching which enables faithful to achieve this perfection in passion.
O – Imbibe Divine Attributes on human level for the benefit of all humanity. Be like Al-Rabb (The Nourisher) and nourish others. Be like Al Rahman (The Merciful Who grants without even request was made), Al Rahim (Who is Repeatedly Merciful and produces results of true struggle). Keep in sight the justice which focuses on correction, like Maalik e Youm id Din (The Master of Day of Judgement) .
O – People do have aims. Usually they work for personal gain. But some people work for nation or country. These limited aims creat jealousy leading to destruction.. The best way is to work for the sake of God. It will ensure that such people shall not deprive certain section of God’s creation form the benefit of their achievements. It is the recipe for world peace.
O – Promised Messiah has presented the correct explanation of the Holy Quran.
O – The essence of religion is to love God and have affection for people.
O – The soul of religion is the paryer; the kind in which one feels complete meekness before God, one feels fully consumed in love of God, one witnesses the Grandeur of God with inner eyesand one’s soul continues to fall prostarte at the threshold of God and seeks mercy from God for oneself and the whole world.

PART THREE Much before he was elected second Khalifah, some Companions of Promised Messiah were foretold by God about it. These reports are presented by fifth Holy Khalifah from archives, in recent Friday sermon (of 15 Feburary 2013 at site mentioned in PART ONE above.)

PART FOUR Translation of one of his poem has already been given in this blog. (Poem- Qualities of a Real Seeker of Path)

Best Wishes.

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